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Friday, January 04, 2008


Eveline Berkman

Fractal Art contest
From their website -

As part of our continuing efforts to promote fractal and algorithmic art, we are organizing a new exhibition to coincide with the Year of Mathematics and Science. This contest is to select some of the artwork that will be used in the exhibition. (The remaining artwork will be selected directly by the contest selection panel and will include artwork created by panel members.)

Some of these were downright stunning. If you have a minute, go check out the entries for the 2007 contest. Thanks, Tom, for the heads up.

edit January 8, 2008
Went back to the site when I saw that the image had been replaced by this big black box. There is a copyright notice on the page. However, nowhere on the site is there any published contact information. I also found this statement on the About page for their host, where they describe themselves as egalitarian. Go figure.

edit January 17, 2008
Huh. I was puttering around in oranje. Sometime between the first edit and this one, the image was restored. Thank you, Fractal Art.


American Genius said...

This is awesome.
What a great idea

Susan Constanse said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by.

Yes, it is a good idea. Which is why I am leaving the post up even though they have denied access to the image. (see edit)