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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Drink and Draw @brillobox

New Pictures from the last session! Our models were Brian Czarniecki and Christinae D. It was kind of a Goth nite...

Here's Lucky LeRoy's drawing...

And of course, Merge Divide's infamous phone book sketches...

Check Drink and Draw's MySite for more information or sign up for updates.

Our next model is...


on December 12, 6-9PM

Drinkies and drawing, what are you gonna do? Stay home and watch Law and Order re-runs?

Friday, November 24, 2006

Lush Life

This is one of the most heartbreaking songs I've ever heard. I found a site with Blossom Dearie's rendition of Lush Life. Here it is. It plays in RealPlayer. I also found a short article on Wikipedia about Billy Strayhorn, who composed the song in the 1930's, when he was still a teen. Lot of livin' in this song. Enjoy.

Two right hands

Wednesday was beautiful. Pale sun, pale sky. A great day for visiting some of those features in Larryville that puzzle me. Like this wall, with two right-hand prints. They are so deliberate. Nothing close by is painted black; whoever left these prints must have brought the bucket with them to this spot, stuck their hand in it twice, and imprinted the wall.

Can't you see it? It was two fifteen year old boys, they just found this can of paint in the trash on the monthly discard day. It's 9:00 on a warm summer night. They snicker as they pry open the lid, watching the mouth of the alley for intruders. They dare each other to stick their hand in and mark the house, selected for its location on a backstreet. After the deed is done, each with a black hand, they realize that they have to figure out how to clean up enough that there won't be any questions when they get home. But this is their neighborhood and they know who has an outside water source that is easily accessible. So they ditch the paint can in someone's garbage and stealthily make their way down the breeze way between two houses and scrub their hands at least well enough to get the worst off. Now, over a year later, they don't see each other very much. But every time they walk through the alley on the way to the Giant Eagle, thay think about that summer, with all of its trials and tribulations.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

96th Annual @ Carnegie Museum update

Well, I still have to make it over to the museum again to really take a look at the exhibit myself. Now that the Bright and Shiny and small works shows are installed at the gallery, I have a breather so I will try to make it over next week. In the meantime, Mary Thomas at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette has reviewed the show. Mary Thomas has been a staunch supporter of Associated Artists for years.

Although Associated Artists does not see itself as one of the many guilds in the area, its structure is very similar. The guilds, and there are dozens of them in Pittsburgh, have been in place for decades. Many of the mid- and late- career artists in Pittsburgh have multiple memberships but it is unusual for the younger artists to participate in the guild system. The guilds have tried to interest younger artists in membership, at least since I have been here, which is several years now.

Associated Artists has been operating as a group for nearly a hundred years, the last forty-five or so as a non-profit. The guild's home is the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, which has seen some rough weather over the last couple years. Recently, PCA merged with Pittsburgh Filmmakers to the advantage of both organizations. PCA's campus is charming, set at the edge of Frick Park in Shadyside.

I plan to go to CMOA next week, after the holiday. Time has gotten away from me this month, with one thing or another. Stay tuned!

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Incredible Mouth Band

Thanks, Larry, for forwarding the link

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Drop in 'n draw

Drop-in model sessions are a standard practice among artists. Even if the artist's work is not figuative, there is something about working from the figure that is refreshing for the eye and the mind. It's an opportunity to generate new ideas and practice observation. Any time that I have been in a slump, figure drawing has always helped me to focus my ideas.

These sessions are a great place to meet and socialize with other artists. There's a wonderfully supportive feel to theses sessions. There are a number of unique drop-in sessions operating in Pittsburgh. I haven't been to every venue that sponsors these sessions. If you know of any others, please let me know.

Barely Brunch
Barely Brunch is held at the Brew House in one of the available spaces. There are generally two models, one posing long and the other a vaiety of poses. The added bonus here is that the artists attending exhibit their work in an annual show at SPACE 101 gallery. The sessions are held monthly and the schedule varies a little bit. It's called Barely Brunch for a reason; Breadworks in Pittsburgh supplies the artists with a bounty of fresh breads and spreads to nibble while you work. You can sign up for updates on the sessions here. In December, Barely Brunch will be having a six hour marathon session and holiday party. Don't miss it! It should be a blast.

Barely Brunch
Brew House
2100 Mary Street
Pittsburgh PA 15203
Cost: $15
November 19: 1-4PM
December 17: Holiday Party and Marathon!

Drink & Draw
brillobox has recently entered the arena for drop-in model sessions with Drink & Draw. The models are costumed in a variety of themes. It's a very friendly atmosphere, with folks at small tables, a stage and great music. The first three sessions were burlesque-themed, with models wearing a variety of feathers, lace and fish-net stockings. The sessions are held twice-monthly on Tuesdays, avoiding holiday conflicts wherever possible. You can get on their update list here and check out images from each session on their site. This is a really fun session, with door prizes, lots of laughter and alcohol-induced conversation.

Drink & Draw @brillobox
4104 Penn ave
Pittsburgh PA 15224
Cost: $10
Time: 6:00-9:00PM
November 28: Brian, costumed in something that sounds like a cross between Rocky Horror and Queen
December 12
December 26
January 9
January 23

The Southside Academy
Tim Meehan started this group a few years ago at the Brew House. I don't really know to much about their scheduling, how often they meet or what the costs of the seesions are. This group works with costumed models and I believe that they are open to new members. The paintings I've seen from these sessions are contemporary figurative works. Several of the group's members have brought work to the PYP art party events, set up on portable easels. If you want more specific information about this group, please email Tim Meehan.

Panza Gallery
Panza Gallery is across the river from mr, here in Lawrenceville. I haven't been there but I have met Mark Panza and heard some very good things about the session from Merge Divide. His sessions take place every Thursday evening and are two hours long. You can find more information about the sessions on their website.

Panza Gallery
115 Sedgwick St.
When: 7-9 p.m. Thursdays
How much: $7

Watercolors Gallery
This is one of the sessions I've just never made it to. No excuses: it's right downtown, centrally located. If somebody knows paticulars, let me know.

Watercolors Gallery
When: 6:30-9:30 p.m. Thursdays
How much: $10
901A Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15222
Details: 412-600-1664

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Impossible spaces

This is a stretch of Main Street that transitions between two Pittsurgh neighborhoods. From the street, the houses and storefronts seem impossible, with their faces at odd angles to the pavement. Even in an aerial view the lots seem to be strange and distorted. One house, the middle of a row of three, has a narrow backyard that seems to be the same length as the hose. There's a tree growing in a trianglar lot that seems to share the backs of five separate buildings.

Pittsburgh houses have the added complication of having grown that way. Most of these houses were built between 1875 and 1895. Additions, usually built to accommodate kitchens and bathrooms, extended off the original house.

Do you see that odd-shaped white polygon in the middle? and the three connected structures right above it? What is going on with that building? That has got to be the strangest thing on the block.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Guerilla Gallery

This building has been closed up for about a year. Not to long ago,, somebody posted a painting on the lower corner. It is mounted right to the wood with screws.

The painting is anonymous,; I couldn't find a signature on it anywhere. I first noticed it at least two months ago. It is weathering the cold and rain quite well.

I like this. The idea of just posting an artifact in the public arena, to be viewed by any and all.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Local scene seen

Kurt Shaw wrote a review of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh 96th Annaul at the Carnegie Museum of Art. There are some great quotes from the curator, Douglas Fogle:

"I don't think there is such a thing as local artists. They are all artists of the world. There are artists all over. There's so much energy and so many different kinds of works being made all over. There's not one school of thought. There are many different viewpoints. And I think this show reflects that.

"The energy is part of the larger art ecology, and an exhibition like this is crucial because there are so many people doing interesting things out there. For me as a museum curator, a lot of these people are my audience as well for what we do. So, it's great to be able to give back, and I've become their audience in a sense, as well."

I think waht he said here was a pretty important vinication of local art scenes. The internet is serving to offer my choices for artists, buyers and collectors.

Thank you, Mr. Fogle.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

brillobox Drink and Draw

Drink and Draw last night at the brillobox!
What a blast! I won a door prize, a special mix cd to play while I'm drawing in the studio -- some of my favorite tunes, lucky me.

Here are a bunch of images from the evening. I don't know where Renee found that great little piano that was on the stage. Nobody included it in their drawings, though. I sorta wish that I had, it really set the tone.

Renee has put together a schedule to see us through January. All of the dates are on Tuesdays and the sessions run from 6-9pm
Nov. 28,
Dec 12,
Dec 26,
Jan 9,
Jan 23

If you want to get on the update list, just email us. Also, check into the brillobox Drink and Draw MySpace page for updates about models and just because it's a fun site.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Bill Cousins' Art Party

In case you couldn't make it Saturday night...
Bill Cousins new digs are just wonderful. I wouldn't have expected that the third floor of this building would have so much open space. It was a beautiful setting for Bill's bright, enamel paintings. Top is Bill, and below is a display of some of his larger works.

The work is very vigorous. I didn't get much of a chance to talk to him about his work. It seems he is working intuitively, reacting to the medium and the color. Very strong paintings.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Kate Temple - the Year series

Kate Temple
the Year series
Digging Pitt Gallery tour

Wednesday, November 01, 2006