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Friday, December 28, 2007

I can hear the swans singing

For the last two years, I have been working at Digging Pitt Gallery for John Morris. The gallery, and its operations, have been a major part of my life for that time. In two years, Digging Pitt has produced over thirty exhibits, not to mention artist talks, workshops and readings. The most recent exhibit, The Blogger Show, has been a monumental effort. It is also Digging Pitt's swan song.

In just two short weeks, the gallery will be closing its doors. We began handing work back to the artists in mid-December. With nearly two hundred artists represented in the flat file archive, this is proving to be as monumental a task as coordinating The Blogger Show.

Several people have lent their time and energy to the gallery in significant ways over the last two years that I have worked at the gallery. Jean McClung has been a tireless advocate, closely involved with gallery operations. Larry Swiech has, without fail, been available to assist with his presence when we needed an extra hand. When he was still living in Pittsburgh, Robert Franklin made himself available in a number of ways. There are many other people that have played a part in keeping the gallery alive, too many to catalog here. But please know that all of you have my gratitude for your kindness.

And so, we come to the end. But also to the beginning of this fine madness: John Morris.

Dear John,

Your tireless advocacy of Pittsburgh artists on their home ground is very much appreciated by a significant number of the gallery artists. Your vision cast light on a different path for many of them, encouraging many, and especially me, to consider other avenues. Your generosity in supporting and championing the visual arts is humbling.

Thank you, John Morris. You're a hero.


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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The elephant in the room

A little late to notice, but it seems that the Pittsburgh Post Gazatte has another arts reviewer. Most of the reviews are written by Mary Thomas, who has been writing for the Post for years.

I admit that I rarely look at the Post's art reviews. They are somewhat sporadic and generally buried. Like most regional newspapers, the Post doesn't even have a visual arts link in their menu banner. And it seemed to me that the majority of the coverage was on the museum and institution blockbuster shows.

But I read Terry Young's review of the Mattress Factory's India this morning --

When we look at the intent of the larger exhibition, in relationship to institutional funding in Pittsburgh, we find an ill-informed curator and director who found nothing "New," as the exhibition title suggests, or even contemporary, but instead brought back mediocrity labeled with the exotic misnomer "India."

The title "India" fulfills a multicultural prerequisite for contemporary arts funding, the original intent of which, like that of the Mattress Factory itself, was supportive of cultural and aesthetic change decades ago but now serves as a linguistic barrier excluding actual contemporary ideas of cultural and aesthetic change. Read the article

Oh ouch, I thought. The elephant in the room is finally seen. While I do believe that non-profit funding is a great avenue for promoting work that is unusual, I do tend to agree that "institutional funding" creates a whole other set of aesthetics and influences of what is seen in our non-profit cultural organizations. At any rate, I ran a search and found this Pop City article about an exhibit, Appalachian Spring Summer and Fall, that Mr. Young put together a couple years ago. From the article --

After leaving Pittsburgh for New York, London and Berlin, Young realized that “how it was everywhere” in the art world was much more trend- and commercial-conscious, and much more gallery oriented. While artists in the art-world capitals were opening vast shows, selling pieces, and striving for an ever-looming specter of fame and success, the artists Young grew up around in Pittsburgh were generally just getting on with the business of making art. Read the article

Well, but, what's wrong with selling your work? It's almost like he's saying it's okay for Pittsburgh artists to be left out of the "booming art market" that artists in other cities enjoy. Because that's what makes our region's art so, well, regional. I would also point out that this perception of Pittsburgh artists is also what keeps them from competing in the larger arena and forces so many talented artists to leave the region.

I am here because I sincerely like this city. But I also sincerely believe that art makers should enjoy the same attributes of success as members of any other profession. I don't believe that poverty is an appropriate ground for the seeds of creativity.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bad Santa, no cookie

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So, I know it has been awhile since I posted about drink & draw. I've just been a little bit busy lately. I missed about three posts for this, I think. Anyway, December 11 was memorable! Our model was Ian Green, who clowns for Zany Umbrella Circus. He was an amazing model, developing an entire character for the evening.

I want to mention, too, that Ian is a painter as well as a clown.

We are taking a brief hiatus from drink & draw, but will be returning on January 8 with Brian Czarniecki. Stay tuned!

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Don't Forget

Christmas in Fallujah

Happy Christmas music video by John Lennon

Highway to Hell - Nightmare Before Christmas Music Video

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The SAFE Act

Yes folks, another WTF moment, brought to you by those lovely folks that we've entrusted with our governance -

Wednesday's vote caught Internet companies by surprise: the Democratic leadership rushed the SAFE Act to the floor under a procedure that's supposed to be reserved for noncontroversial legislation. It was introduced October 10, but has never received even one hearing or committee vote. In addition, the legislation approved this week has changed substantially since the earlier version and was not available for public review. - read the article

The SAFE Act is supposed to protect our children from internet predators. Tell me something, aren't the parents supposed to raise their offspring? Hey, I have an idea: let's legislate ourselves into a soft and fuzzy cocoon so that we don't have to make any hard choices or, heaven forbid, actually sit down and have a real conversation with our children about the world.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

December Barely (Merry Christmas) Brunch

December Barely Brunch is coming! Please forward to any and all interested parties. Barely Brunch will be taking place on the second Sunday of each month.

A special Holiday -


Extended session, with two models for five hours!!! 'Cause we love you guys...
Oh, this is going to be such a fun way to celebrate the holidays! See you on Sunday ...

Brew House
Sunday, December 9, 2007
12:00pm - 5:00pm,
doors open at 11:30am
Cost: $10
two models

All skill levels are welcome, and all mediums. (Sorry! No photography!) This is an uninstructed, drop-in session. We have some tables for your use, but bring your own easel if you can!

Please RSVP to this email

Pat Barefoot
The Brew House
2100 Mary Street #402B
Pittsburgh PA 15203

Monday, December 03, 2007

Artist Made Books @Tom Museum

This Saturday December 8th from 7pm to 10pm is the opening of the Artist Made Books exhibit AND....MIMA an installation of miniature art pieces by Alberto Almarza. This event is FREE and open to the public.

Stop on over and enjoy some HOT and cold beverages, snacks, music, and the latest developments of the Tom Museum.

The Tom Museum
410 Sampsonia Way
North Side
of Pittsburgh

Saturday, December 8th from 7pm to 10pm

Artists exhibiting in the book show include Alexis Covato, etta cetera, Rose Clancy, Becky Spevack, Scott Andrew, Jessica Scott, Chris Kardambikis, Morgan Cahn, Susan Constanse, Claudia Giannini, Alberto Almarza, and Sheila Ali.

Friday, November 30, 2007

White House PARROT

Thanks for the giggle, Dave -

Laura Bush bought George a parrot for his birthday. She said to Dick Cheney, "That bird is so smart! George has taught him over 200 words!"

"Wow, that's pretty impressive," Cheney said. "But you do realize, don't you, that he's just saying the words? He doesn't really understand what they mean."

"That's okay," Laura replied. "Neither does the parrot."

I know that it's puerile, but if I don't laugh about this administration I will sink into the depths of despair. All I can do is grit my teeth and hope for a better future.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Artist reception @Digging Pitt Too

Continuing with The Blogger Show, I am pleased to announce the artist reception at Digging Pitt Too. I will be showing my work along side the work of Bill Gusky, a fellow blogger. Below is an installation shot from the gallery. Additional images are available. Panza Gallery, where my work is also on display, has an artist reception on December 15. I hope to see you there.

In November, Digging Pitt (Pittsburgh PA) will begin a joint effort with Agni Gallery (New York, NY) and Panza Gallery (Millvale, PA) to present The Blogger Show. The exhibits showcase the work of over thirty artists whose common interest is in clarifying artistic discourse through their blogs. All of the exhibits will take place between November 3, 2007 and January 12, 2008.

The Blogger Show @Digging Pitt Too - November 10, 2007 - January 12, 2008
Public reception December 8, 6-9PM
Digging Pitt Too - 45th & Plummer Streets - Pittsburgh PA 15201
SA 12 – 5 and by appointment - 412-605-0450
Susan Constanse and Bill Gusky will be sharing Digging Pitt Too. Read more

Appearing @Digging Pitt Too (Pittsburgh PA)
Susan Constanse (Pittsburgh, PA) - Oranje
Bill Gusky (Canton, CT) - Artblog Comments

Also coming up is the artist reception at Panza Gallery

The Blogger Show @Panza Gallery - November 10, 2007 - January 12, 2008
Public reception December 15, 6-9PM
Panza Gallery - 115 Sedgwick Street - Millvale PA 15209
WE/Th/FR 10-5 SA 10-3 and by appointment - 412-821-0959
Panza Gallery will have a regional focus, showcasing Pittsburgh's local bloggers. There will also be a presentation of work created by artist journaling. Read more

Appearing @Panza Gallery
(Millvale PA)

Kevin Clancy (Boston MA and Pittsburgh PA) - soft soft pink pulls through the ivory void
Susan Constanse (Pittsburgh, PA) - Oranje
Christiane D (Pittsburgh PA) - Christiane D
David Grim (Pittsburgh, PA) - Serendipity
Sophie Klahr (Pittsburgh PA) - the story of how it is
John Morris (Pittsburgh, PA) - Digging Pittsburgh Arts
David Pohl (Pittsburgh, PA) - find the time to rhyme
Amy Wilson New York, NY) - working

Friday, November 23, 2007

Pay It Forward - Repost

Well, this offer has been open for quite a while - the original post went up before Halloween! Not a single nibble, so I am moving it to the top of the posts.

I was checking out some of the blogs of artists in the Blogger Show, and ran into a wonderful offer from Mary Klein -

Pay It Forward (via Mary via Deanna, via Sia, via Sandra via Camilla, via Bibbi and so on) - here are the rules:

I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days, that is my promise! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.

When you leave your comment, please also do one of two things: leave your post address or e-mail it to me.

I'm sure a lot of people have seen "Pay it Forward" with Helen Hunt. But let me tell you, the book was a hundred time better.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Look for the Union label

The Intrepid Art Collector broached a subject in her blog this week that I find painful. - Do Artists Need a Union?

The simple answer is, of course we do. Actors, writers and musicians have a union. Why not us? But answers, no matter how reasonable, don't always translate to action. There are insurmountable difficulties in putting a visual arts union in place.

A "Booming Art Market" notwithstanding, the vast majority of visual artists are not able to assign a monetary value to their work that is commensurate with their efforts. The local markets simply won't bear it. Conventional wisdom in local and regional art markets is that sales over $1000.00 for an individual artwork is unrealistic and if you want to sell your work than you should keep it under that ceiling.

Gallery representation does not guarantee that you will get a reasonable asking price. Most patrons that walk in the door with the intention of purchasing are accompanied by the intention to haggle the price down. Most want at least a 20% discount and some ask for 30% and upwards.

The justifications for these attitudes towards purchasing artwork are myriad. Some believe that, since art is an innate talent, the artist should be happy that anyone even wants to see their work. Making money off of it is just a bonus.

It's not just the individual patrons either. Art organizations have the same attitude about visual artists. Not too long ago, a call for artists from a local organization went out to put together street-level art and entertainment for a conference in our fair city. The performing groups of musicians and dancers were given $1000.00 for taking part. Visual artists that were chosen to decorate the windows of empty storefronts were given $500.00. Their materials had to come from that budget too.

The problem is that visual artists really are so cash poor that they are willing to work for the level of compensation that is offered. Anything being better than nothing. Unlike the performing arts, mass market avenues do not exist in the visual arts. That is not to say that performing artists are all trying to appeal to mass markets: it's just that there is more capital in those fields in general, which does change the environment.

There must be mainstream interest in order for visual artists to gain enough support to implement unionization. Mainstream interest in the visual arts is limited to the occasional news story about some outrageous sum that is paid for a masterwork. Also, if enough artists were making a reasonable living on selling their work, it would increase the pool of resources for the visual arts community, emulating the other creative communities that have implemented unions.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A feast

I got to Boxheart early enough last night that I had an unobstructed view of Tracy's work, at least for a few moments anyway. The solo exhibit of Tracy Helgeson's landscapes is a feast for the senses, with the warm-to-burning tones of these extraordinary paintings. If you are in the area, make a point of stopping in.

A gently reminder - Tracy's work is included in the Blogger Show at Agni and Digging Pitt Galleries.






Additional images from the Boxheart exhibit are available.

November 13 - December 8
Paintings by Tracy Helgeson
BoxHeart Gallery
4523 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
P. 412 687 8858
F. 412 687 6338

Friday, November 16, 2007

Agni Gallery installation images

Hello everyone,
I have been extremely busy installing the shows at Digging Pitt and Digging Pitt Too over the last two weeks. I had meant to post these installation images last week, but with John Morris in New York at Agni, I have had my hands full.

Anyway, here are some installation shots that I took just before the reception started. There are some obvious gaps, so if you have images, please send them to me and I will post them forthwith!











Monday, November 12, 2007

The eleventh month

Ah November! The frantic pace, the cold, the back-to-back parties, events, openings and tasks. The eleventh month is just like the eleventh hour, with everything due at the same time and all of the things that you didn't have time for over the rest of the year scheduled, no crammed, into a few short weeks.

Here's what is happening -
I am starting a new job today at the Polish Hill Civic Association. Nice bunch of people, very homey, great neighborhood. Polish Hill runs between Liberty Ave and Bigelow Blvd, on the hillside above the Strip District. I am so looking forward to this. The Board President, Terry Doloughty, is enthusiastic and charming.

Last week, I started a p/t job with the brillobox. I love those guys, all of them. Janessa and Lou, who tend bar. Ben, their new cook, and of course Renee Ickes and Eric Stern, who own the brillobox. A very nice group of people.

I also submitted a proposal for Group A's Hide and Seek exhibit. Keep your fingers crossed, this sounds like a fun show to work on.

Did I mention happenings at Digging Pitt? After my return from a whirlwind opening at Agni Gallery, I started on the installation at Digging Pitt and Digging Pitt Too. Here is a shot at Too of my work and Bill Gusky's work -


The exhibit is open, but the artists' reception isn't until December 8. The installation at Panza Gallery is complete, but I don't have any installation shots, sorry to say.

Anyway, I will probably forgo a lot of blog posting on Oranje over the next couple weeks. Things are just to frantic right now.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Flight patterns

Thanks again, Tom, for pointing this out.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

An unmistakable sense of connection

I went to New York for the opening reception of The Blogger Show, my first trip there in several years. AMTRAK rocks; what a great way to travel. You wouldn't believe how much carry-on luggage they allow! The trip up was amazing, with the fire of autumn colors razing the hills against a crystal blue that you could lose yourself in.

I got off the train at Penn Station at 5PM, in the middle of rush hour. It struck me as eerie, that with all of those people the only thing you hear is the sound of feet hammering the concrete. Hardly a single voice could be heard, not even a murmur to ground the beat of those thundering feet.

I stayed with my good friend Jean McClung at the Larchmont Hotel on W 11h St., which is a really handy place to stay, let me tell you. (And thank you, Jean. I don't know how we could have pulled this show off without you.) It was close to all of the places I wanted to visit and needed to be while I was there (well, this was a business trip) and there were places that I had to be. One of the places that I made a specific point of going to was New York Central Art Supply. Interesting place; it was recommended by couple of people when I mentioned that I was searching for unusual papers.

The Blogger Show reception was packed, as I have already mentioned. It was a pleasure to finally meet some of the people that I have worked with over the last several months in the ether. Stephanie Lee Jackson and Bill Gusky in particular. I will be sharing Digging Pitt Too with Bill for one of the Blogger Shows. And watch this space for further developments with Stephanie.

I took an installation shot --


Okay, so here's where it gets interesting. Stephanie, whose piece is on the upper right, laid out and installed the exhibit. She is someone that I was beginning to feel an affinity for during the run-up to this exhibit, which was confirmed when I met her, JT Kirkland, whose piece is on the upper left, brokered a trade of my work in his Barter project. That's my work under his on the lower left. And on the lower right? That is only the work of my BFF Chris, who I met when I first moved to Pittsburgh nearly ten years ago. How cool is that?

So, you would think it would be over with my getting up on Sunday morning for the trip back to da 'burgh, right? Huh-uh, it just got cooler. I got to Penn Station a little early, so I went to Borders to pick up some reading material. I checked under E to see if one of my favorite authors had published anything new. Lucky me! he had! So, I happily picked up a copy of Zeroville by Steve Erickson to read on the train on the way home.

Wait, it gets better--

Okay, so I smoke. (Shut up, I know it's a bad habit that will most likely kill me, yadayada.) So, I got off the train and in my wild desire to inhale two nicotine packages, I watch as all of the cabs and jitneys were taken. The last jitney driver said he'd be back shortly; his fare was only going to a downtown hotel. (I did try to call for a cab. You know what the operator said? There weren't any cabs available.)

I'm waiting for the jitney driver to come back when I notice all of these flashing lights and I think, great, the driver is probably stuck behind whatever is going on. It didn't look like an accident, no ambulance. At first, I thought it was some dignitary being escorted through da 'burgh. You'll never guess.

It was elephants.

I am not joking. 8:30pm, dark as pitch, and there was a line of eight elephants, followed by zebras and horses, being escorted through the outer edges of downtown. And my camera was packed.

Airport insecurity

I'm not a fan, ya know? But WTF? Thanks, Tom, for pointing this out.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Opening Reception @Agni Gallery


I am on my way back to Pittsburgh from NYC and the opening reception of The Blogger Show at Agni Gallery. It was a whirlwind of a trip, with more impressions than I can wrap my head around at this moment. Most important was seeing all of the work, after having seen only the tantalizing yet woefully inadequate images in the virtual gallery. 72dpi just doesn’t cut it.

We had a great crew for the installation at Agni. Chris Rywalt put together a great post about the experience.

The opening reception for The Blogger Show was packed, literally, with bloggers and sundry spilling out onto the sidewalk. John Morris and Jean McClung were putting finishing touches on the exhibit throughout the day. Artist bloggers dropped in periodically, lending a hand and offering words of encouragement and bottles of wine. The evening actually got off to an early start with the arrival of Bill Gusky. Stephanie Lee Jackson brought her Gentleman Friend. She had previously met Chris Rywalt, who was there with his wife. Mary Klein is further exploring the motif of airplane and made a landing in NYC. Sharon Butler was in the back of the gallery when Loren Munk arrived, declaiming loudly from Charlie Finch’s article on art blogs, which touched off a lively discussion between Nancy Baker and Bill Gusky. Tracy Helgeson and Doug were there, a calm presence in a maelstrom. Fallon and Rosof were demonstrating their installation of 48 Useful Paintings. But to get the full scope of the reception, check out James Kalm's video --

It was nice to put faces and voices to Barry and James of Bloggy and ArtCal. Brent Burkett, it was wonderful to see you, too. And thanks for the shout out at Heart as Arena.

I can’t begin to thank everybody that had a part in getting the first tendril of The Blogger Show off to an auspicious start. Your good cheer and better skill are appreciated. I am sure that there will be many more thank you’s that are due; after all, The Blogger Show has only begun.

Acknowledgements –

Kevin Clancy
Bill Gusky
Stephanie Lee Jackson and her Gentleman Friend
Jean McClung
Chris Rywalt

John Morris will be manning Agni Gallery during the month of November. He has brought a selection of works from Digging Pitt’s flat file archive. So, if you are in New York, stop by and say hello.

November 3- 30, 2007 - Public Reception: November 3, 6 - 9pm
Agni Gallery
170 East 2nd Street, Storefront #3
New York, NY 10009
WE-SA: 1-7PM

I am just going to throw up some images from the reception. Installation shots will be posted later. But today, I start the installation of the Digging Pitt and Digging Pitt Too shows. So, I am off to meet Elizabeth Perry at Digging Pitt for drop-off. Later --








Thursday, November 01, 2007

Women of Vision @August Wilson

Women of Vision puts together pretty consistent shows. It is a small group, with members that have been showing together for years. It is always worthwhile to see old favorites and the variations that make for such a satisfying exhibit.

A few really stood out for me at the latest Women of Vision exhibit, Soulscapes, which is showing at the August Wilson Center (details are at the end of the post)The seated figure by Dee Currin is lovely. Christine Bethea's construction is actually a wind instrument. I would love to hear her play it some time. I kinda got lost in Christiane's Love Scar piece. And Marica Jackson's sculpture is a lovely mystery.

If you're downtown, drop in

Delores Currin
Christine Bethea
Christiane D

Marica Jackson

SoulScapes by Women of Visions, Inc
August Wilson Center for African American Culture
October 5, 2007 through February 16, 2008
Gallery 209/9, 209 Ninth St., Downtown

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Ah! Fall,; crisp leaves, acrid smoke and...
It seems like all of Larryville is decorating for this oh-so-important holiday. I love this pirate ship -
And the houses festooned with cobwebs-
Even the "Painted Ladies" are getting into the act -

But Halloween is not complete without ghosts. Watch as a group of urban spelunkers scare themselves silly at Dixmont State Hospital for the Insane -

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Charlie Finch and Google Alerts

Yanno, this article by Charlie Finch was published on Friday in Artnet. I know that there have already been several responses from art bloggers everywhere about this article. But what I want to know is whether or not Charlie Finch has this set up on Google Alerts? Do you think he has an rss feed on technorati for this article?

The Blogger Show @Agni Gallery

Agni Gallery
170 East 2nd Street, Storefront #3
New York, NY 10009
November 3- 30, 2007 - Public Reception: November 3, 6 - 9pm

The Blogger Show is a multi-venue, cross platform exhibit. To date, the exhibit will include the work of thirty-four artists at four galleries in two cities. In addition, there is an online exhibit where you can view the works from this poly-talented group of artists.

The Blogger Show, in all of its many facets, was conceived by John Morris at Digging Pitt. John, who is an extraordinary artist, began talking about this exhibit over a year ago. The exhibits have taken on momentum, growing to encompass all of the many facets of the internet. There are online projects and a gallery of the artists' works. And everywhere, there are links to the community of artist bloggers.

The art bloggers at Agni -

Tire Shop
Sharon Butler (Mystic, CT) – Two Coats of Paint
Parker, CO) New Work and Inspiration
Kevin Clancy (Boston MA and Pittsburgh PA) - soft soft pink pulls through the ivory void
Jacksonville Florida) JaxCal.org
Christiane D
Fallon and Rosof’s Artblog
Cable Griffith
Canton, CT) Artblog Comments
Works by Tracy Helgeson
Pretty Lady
Washington, D.C.) Thinking About Art
Minneapolis, MN) stillifes
Portland, OR) Eva Lake
Steven LaRose
Richmond VA)Annabelle’s Aspirin
Joanne Mattera Art Blog Matthews The Younger
Digging Pittsburgh Arts
Loren Munk (Brooklyn NY) - James Kalm
find the time to rhyme
Fallon and Rosof’s Artblog Wood Ridge NJ) NYC Art
Fiji Island Mermaid Press

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The future of the Three Rivers Arts Festival

Last year, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservatism and Natural Resources began work on renovating Point Park, which is at the tip of downtown's Golden Triangle, sitting at the confluence of the Ohio, Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers. Three Rivers Arts Festival, as well as the Regatta and several other annual events, were negatively impacted by the renovation. Three Rivers Arts Festival had a much smaller footprint and various parts of the festival, like the Best of Pittsburgh show, were spread over downtown. But since this was only temporary, the coordinators found the spaces and worked around the renovation. But now, there appears to be some glitches in the renovation plan. From the Post Gazette -

New guidelines are being developed for the use of the state-owned park and unless those guidelines are revised, the festival "will most likely not be able to operate in Point State Park," said Elizabeth Reiss, the arts festival's executive director. Read the article

The article goes on to explain that the regulations have not yet been finalized and that a meeting is scheduled with the organizers of these several events to discuss their concerns. Hopefully, the meeting will bring a greater understanding of the needs of event organizers and the concerns of PA -DCNR.

There is very little diversity in the visual arts in downtown Pittsburgh, with most venues operating as non-profits or as co-op galleries. Although the festival emphasizes the performance components more so than the visual arts, at least it does present a wider range of visual arts than what is usually found in downtown. The artist market houses fine crafts and arts and most of the vendors are marketing their work to individual purchases. It brings a more diverse mix of art appreciators to downtown and that is a good thing. Frankly, I am tired of ugly, shock and derivative art that appeals to a very small group of the public. Downtown really needs this festival.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Closing Party @Metamorphose

Closing reception - 7-?
Music - Art
4922 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15222

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Matt Dearboff

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Susan Constanse

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Well, we have a new studio mate at 4073. Welcome to Christine Bethea, who is gradually moving into the second floor.

Christine is a salvage/collage/textile artist. I've known her for several years and have worked with her on a bunch of projects here in the 'burgh. She'll be sharing the front of the second floor with me.

Anyway, welcome Christine.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Blogger Show

The Blogger Show is a multi-venue, cross platform exhibit. To date, the exhibit will include the work of thirty-four artists at four galleries in two cities. In addition, there is an online exhibit where you can view the works from this poly-talented group of artists.

The Blogger Show, in all of its many facets, was conceived by John Morris at Digging Pitt. John, who is an extraordinary artist, began talking about this exhibit over a year ago. The exhibits have taken on momentum, growing to encompass all of the many facets of the internet. There are online projects and a gallery of the artists' works. And everywhere, there are links to the community of artist bloggers.

I count myself fortunate to be involved in this project. My work will be seen in all of the venues that the exhibits encompass. The exhibit at Agni Gallery opens on November 3 and runs through the end of the month. Following is Untitled (Stream series), which is included in the exhibit -

The shows in Pittsburgh open on November 10. I will be sharing Digging Pitt Too with Bill Gusky. I am looking forward to finally meeting Bill. I have been reading his blog longer than I have had my own. I find his discourse to be well-reasoned and honest. Did I mention that I like his work? I do, very much.

Following are some of the works that will be appearing at Digging Pitt Too. breathe/sing (48" x 60") is the single image. The slide show is smaller works on canvas and panel. Most of these works are from the Unreal Spaces series, which seems to be evolving in some unexpected ways.

Panza Gallery is also opening on November 10. I will be presenting a selection of journal drawings from the Stream series at Panza. All of these works are small format, works on paper. Following is an excerpt from the artist statement for the series -
The works comprising the Stream series are a non-verbal journal, recording the evolution of a visual language. Each piece is produced over several days and is completed in succession. This process presents a time portrait that is a combination of the process and mark-making. Movement is a key component in the process of creating these works, depicting rhythms that range from staccato to adagissimo. The progression from all ink, with marks reminiscent of stitching, to the recent drawings that use hard graphite pencils to create subtle shades indicates an evolution of a visual vocabulary.

I'll be making announcements about receptions and other events at Digging Pitt, Agni and Panza as the exhibits and online presence expands. I do have a MySpace page if you would like to join me there. Join the artists at The Blogger Show or on MySpace.