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Saturday, June 30, 2007


Looking for a reason to record all of those sounds your dog makes when he's sleeping? Here's your chance --

Future Tenant Podcasts; 3 minutes of sound

Future Tenant wants you to answer the question, "What would you do with 3 minutes of sound?" Your 3 minute original audio invention will premier on our monthly FT Podcast. Any genre, anything goes. FT Podcasts are inventive, engaging audio extensions of Future Tenant. They include fresh interviews with artists, curators, and local personalities, and original audio and video works.

Submissions should be in mp3 format and no longer than three minutes.
Contact Kim Larkin (or
801-201-1211) for more details on how to submit.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wet canvas

In progress

Seaman Sarah @drink and draw

Sarah brought rigging to the brillobox for the last drink and draw. She had all these great sailing props.

She actually has her seaman's papers n@. All that rigging, tools, knives and other pointy metal things were here gear.

Tough chick, great model!

Next up: Richard Gartner: gesture intensive.

Okay, I know I have to get a video editor if I keep doing this. I tried uploading this one to photobucket because it looked like they have an onsite video editor. But ick! Can you see this video with, like, BUNNIES around it?

Renee drawing Sarah

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Delicate Situations

I found this site a few days ago. Delicate Situations - From the blog:

Delicate Situations is a year-long exhibition from 15th January 2007 to 15th January 2008 bringing together work that will be placed in any space anywhere. The one common factor is that all the works in the exhibition are left in a place (for as long as they last).

The works that are exhibited are small, almost incidental. The documentation is as much the art as the installations. One of the ones that I found most notable was King of Cards. (Pictured below) The work was installed and documented by Joe Schneider who is the driving force behind the online exhibit.

Most of the works are ephemeral, lasting only as long as the wind will let them. And some don't seem to have a sense of deliberation. Definitely worth checking out.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Gallery Guide released

I was dowtown for the gallery crawl on Friday. Mostly to check out what Art-iculate is doing with the gallery guide. from their website --

Pittsburgh Creative Network releases the premier edition of the Pittsburgh Gallery Guide at the Gallery Crawl. Thirty-five galleries & art organizations will be featured in the first catalog published, spotlighting the best of Pittsburgh's art. An exhibit will include galleries that have participated in the Gallery Guide.

We now have a gallery guide for Pittsburgh, which is great. The website will, hopefully, serve as a gateway to the city's visual arts. The exhibit, which was packed, had some familiar faces represented. See below for the images from the exhibit.

Since this was the gallery crawl, all of the venues were packed. There was a line for the elevator for Wood Street, SPACE was so packed and, well, LOUD, that I just backed off. Future Tenant and all of the usual suspects were open...

Anyway, I have to go downtown for a meeting on Friday. I'll be sure to take my camera and get some shots while I'm in the neighborhood.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Thanks, Gary, for the link.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

So, what to do with those odd bowling balls in the closet

Put them in your front yard, of course. Another feature of my neighborhood

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Artist Talk on Saturday - SPACE 101

SPACE 101 Gallery
The Brew House Association
2100 Mary Street
Pittsburgh PA 15203


SPACE 101 Gallery will host an artist talk on Saturday, June 23 @1:00 PM. Join some of the artists exhibiting in the show to discuss life, drawing and life-drawing.

Saturday, June 23 @1PM
Pat Barefoot
Rich Brown
Steve Dines
... and others

Pat Barefoot

Rich Brown

George Bellows

It's been a season of last minutes. I got to the Frick on Sunday, the very last possible day to see the George Bellows exhibit.

It was a striking exhibit, three rooms of beautiful drawings and prints. Very active compositions, great observations. The materials he used in his drawings were of special note. He combined two or three drawing materials to achieve the effects. I am sorry that I didn't get over sooner. I would have made at least one more trip.

Besides, I like the Frick. It's a beautiful campus.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I've uploaded some new images to my site. Current additions are to the Original Sin portfolio.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Three Rivers Arts Festival

At the last possible minute, I took a trip downtown to visit the Three Rivers Arts festival: the festival ends on Sunday. Controversy surrounds this year's festival, from the reduced footprint of the exhibition to the censoring of one of the works.

The Best of Pittsburgh exhibit is held in PPG's Wintergarden this year. The giant atrium lends itself more to installation than to the plastic arts, and there was plenty. The Post Gazette review is a good overview of the exhibit. My stand-outs were Rise Nagin's installation and Josh Tonies' mixed medium works.

The art community is alarmed by the trend of the Three Rivers Arts Festival. Recently, the curator for the Best of Pittsburgh exhibit, who also coordinates the juried art exhibit as well as other visual arts components to the exhibit, was eliminated from the festival staff. Katherine Talcott did her best to bring more of the visual arts into the festival by expanding the festival's footprint to other venues in the downtown area. However, this tactic was not very successful because the core of the festival had migrated to food and entertainment years ago.

Let me step into my time machine....

I lived in Portland OR for many years. When I first arrived, they had an arts festival in downtown. The streets were closed to traffic, huge tents were installed, and a range of artists and artisans presented a a diverse selection of art. Entertainment was generally provided by buskers and a few local restaurants had booths to feed the hungry masses. As the years rolled along, the arts component diminished to be replaced by more and more food vendors. Within five years of my arrival, the festival had been moved to Waterfront Park and had been re-named Food-Fest. Seriously.

So, it could be worse. Instead of the death knell of visual arts and the rise of performance-based art, TRAF could become some gargantuan food festival. At least there is some art involved in the festival. At least the artists and artisans of the artist market still have a place.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I was walking along Liberty Avenue in Bloomfield yesterday. Walking towards me was an Asian guy wearing a t-shirt that said Hire me, I'm Irish. I wish I had my camera.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Goth prom queen @ drink and draw

This was a good one. Lauren at drink and draw on June 12.
Next session is June 26 with Sarah Austin.

Also, the little film clip at the end of the post is me looking over Steve Dine's shoulder while he was drawing.

Everybody had a blast with this pose --

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Undressed Art

The Undressed Art: Why We Draw
Peter Steinhart

I finished reading The Undressed Art about a week ago. It's taken awhile for what Mr Steinhart wrote to really sink in. The book is an easy read, at least for me because I do have an interest in the subject. I have been going to drop-in model sessions, off and on, for over twenty years. I've been coordinating them for the last several years. (Follow the tags for Barely Brunch and Drink and Draw at the end of this post)

Mr Steinhart concentrates on the function of life drawing in training an artist to see and examine. I think that Mr Stenhart wrote a very in-depth view of these model sessions from this viewpoint. While I have found this to be a primary function of attending drop-in sessions, I think that there are other motives for going to theses sessions.

I use these sessions to experiment with materials. While a small part of me hopes to hone my hand and eye skills in drawing from life, a larger part of me finds a greater satisfaction in examining the relationship with the model.

Another reason I go is for the companionship. It is the one place that artists meet in a work environment. There is a lot of give and take in theses sessions, where you can pick up the odd technique or information about the use of an unfamiliar material. I know from looking through this blog that it seems like working from live models consumes a lot of my artistic life, but it doesn't. I am willing to put the effort into these endeavors because I have learned so much from both the models and my peers.

Sometimes, if I am stuck on an issue with a current body of work, I go to extra drop-in sessions. The immediate reaction of hand to paper sometimes opens a level of my subconscious that resolves whatever difficulties I am experiencing.

For another take, read Serendipity's review.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


The opening reception for BARE III was on Friday. The show looks absolutely wonderful. Thanks to the installation team for all of your hard work --

Pat Barefoot
Laura Conkle
Steve Dines
Kristen Divers
Kim Freithaler
Helen Song
Heidi Wettlaufer

This exhibit is pretty rare for a community show. The work has only the common theme of being created from the inspiration of working from a live model. Barely Brunch has been operating for several years now at the Brew House. We have been very lucky to have the space for the sessions and for having such a lovely facility for exhibiting.

Stop by SPACE 101 to check out the exhibit. We will be having an artist talk on --

Saturday, June 22 @1PM
Pat Barefoot
Rich Brown
Steve Dines
... and others

Images from the reception --
Fran Frederick and Jim McManus

Images from the exhibit--
Pat Barefoot
Ruth Renee Ickes
Rich Brown
Kristen Divers
Olwyn Best
Susan Constanse (above: Scroll II, below: Detail of Scroll II)
SPACE 101 Gallery
The Brew House Association
2100 Mary Street
Pittsburgh PA 15203

Saturday, June 09, 2007


I went to Soma Mestizo's CD release party last night. It was a gripping performance. Christiane D. is an extraordinary vocalist, Soy Sos was incredible. Okay, the entire band deserves kudos and roses for their show last night. Lucky you, there are still two more shows. Want a preview? Check out Soma's MySpace page. Details about the shows are below

There is a great article on the Tribune Review that gives some history about the band. It's hard to believe that it's ten years. This band has grown in so many unexpected directions. Check out this little video sample --

Details --


Presented by the 4th River, a Project of the Three Rivers Arts Festival

Telomere cd release June 8th, 9th, 10th

121 7th Street, (above bossa nova) Pittsburgh, PA 15222

$ 5

Soma Mestizo is a band that defies classification or categorization, if forced to name it we say it is: deep, dark, sexy global genre busting, booty-shaking, head-filling magic music. This year’s 4th River Project introduces Soma Mestizo’s Telomere to Pittsburgh and the world.

The 4thRiver Project/Telomere release event will be a multi-media, multi-disciplined: music, art and dance experience featuring special guests, directed by Staycee Pearl. Lighting and Sound design by Douglas Duerring. The evening features, dancers: Amanda Schneider and Brandon Jones; video artistry by MEXED Missages, poet/mc: Jack Wilson; musician, Ketan Bakrania from Chai Ba Ba; Christiane's dress created by Kari Kramer of Ironiece. Dancer costumes provided by Suz Pisano.

June 8th through June 10th

Friday and Saturday, 2 shows, 7:30 pm, 10:00 pm - Sunday, one show 7:30 pm.

* 6.8: Friday Night: special guest, Ketan Bakrania and poet/mc Jack Wilson
* 6.9: Saturday Night: special guest Ketan Bakrania. 11:30 pm After party featuring Anthony Fugate and Jack Wilson. BYOB.
* 6.10: Sunday Night: special guest Ketan Bakrania.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

BoxHeart in Bloomfield

It's a good exhibit. BoxHeart has work from all of their gallery artists up for this annual show. If you have a minute to swing by and check it out, do.

7th Annual Anniversary Exhibition
Exhibition Dates: May 29 - June 23
4523 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
P. 412 687 8858

Brenda Stumpf
Kim Curinga
Tracy Helgeson

A brief digression--
About a week ago, I read a post on Tracy's blog that she was sending new work to BoxHeart for this exhibit. Below, Tracy's box, unpacked and repacked for the Three Rivers Arts Festival.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Drink and Draw with Erin Carey

Nice session last Tuesday. Erin Carey is a trapeze artist with Zany Umbrella Circus. We were lucky to get her for this session. The Zany Umbrella Circus is touring in Jordan in a couple weeks. She is amazing to work with. Watch for her return in the fall for a gesture intensive at brillobox.

For more information about the drink and Draw sessions at brillobox, check out our MySpace page or email us. Our next session is June 12 with Sarah Bauer, Drag King.

Erin Carey
Renee Ruth Ickes
Steve Dines

Susan Constanse
Nancy Schuster

Tim Meehan
Dan Vogel