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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

I had some time on Saturday to visit the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. From their website:

Founded in 1945, PCA is a non-profit community arts campus that offers arts education programs and contemporary art exhibitions, providing services and resources for individual artists throughout Western Pennsylvania. The Center is where the community can create, see, support, and learn about visual arts.

At any one time, the facility can host as many as eight exhibits in its interconnecting galleries. PCA is also the home of Pittsburgh's numerous guilds. All of the shows that I saw this weekend end on March 18, so if you have a chance, stop by.

In the entrance gallery...
Group Picture
Deanne Dunbar
This exhbit was comprised of a half dozen large oil paintings based on group pictures. The artist statement posted with the exhibit states that the artist's intent was to encourage the power of group action. All of the group pictures were very much posed.

Next door and in the hallway was...
Blanket Statement
Shawn Quinlan

I loved the bed. The quilts were more like fabric collage. Figures were cut out and applied with an over-stitching machine quilt technique. More of an applique effect.

Two of the galleries on the second floor are the domain of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. This group is fast approaching its 100th anniversary. On exhibit is...

Associated Artists of Pittsburgh

Marjorie Shipe -- Phantom City. Absolutely beautiful work.
Nathan Nissim -- Soldier from Orion
William Wade -- Reflections, Clarity and Fog. This is a photograph of the sculpture garden of the Carnegie Museum of Art, taken from the atrium of the Scaife Galleries. Absolutely beautiful shot.

The smaller gallery was a project room. From Associated Artists of Pittsburgh website:

As part of "Vitreous," an exhibit within the exhibit, created by a group of AAP board members, and tied to the Year of Glass, will also be presented February 2nd at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. The first in what is hoped to be a series of projects partnering artists with various industries, the pilot project brings a glass-related business together with art. An experimental fiberglass project, this effort combines the advanced glass fiber fabric produced by Butler-based Dielectric Solutions, with how artists might use the materials in their work. The artists visited the Dielectric factory, studied the material and have used it to create pieces for the pilot project.

The artists participating in the "Pilot Program #1" will then take the materials to students throughout the area through the AAP Outreach/Education Program, and work with high school and college students to create the students own art pieces using similar materials, and to illustrate the potential for artists and industry to work in unison. "We are hoping that this cooperative effort is just the first of many similar efforts throughout the region," said Anna Marie Sninsky, AAP outreach advisor.

I found the display of the materials within this gallery a distraction. Every once in a while, there would be this little label that said Raw Materials. It really detracted from some of the beautiful individual works exhibited in the space.

in the three galleries on the second floor...

Funny Business
Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators

Need I say more? pretty cool stuff
Phil Wilson -- Boom Box
Rich Rogowski -- Fake Bird Suits

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Works of Newfangled Whimsey

If you haven't had a chance to stop by La Vie, try to get it into your schedule. Actually, take an afternoon off and visit all of the small shops that have sprung up between 36th and 39th on Butler Street in Larryville. You'll find delight neighboring with the cynical in the shops.

La Vie is a concept, lifestyle shop. Each of the partners specializes. Bronwyn Lughren works with paper products. Jennifer DiSilvio creates garments. Thommy Conroy does display and floral arrangements. He is also the curator for Works of Newfangled Whimsey, on display through March 2007.

La Vie is located at:

3601 Butler Street
Pittsburgh PA 15201
call for hours -- 412-253-7365
One of the half-dozen prints by Valerie Smith
I don't think these were part of the show. Some of the many surprises at La Vie.
Renee Ruth Ickes. This is an absolutely phenomenal work.
Elina Malkin
Travis Hito -- I think. The font used on the catalog list is decidedly elaborate...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Beam me up Scottie! I can't take this anymore...

Captain Kirk made a special guest appearance at Drink and Draw on Tuesday. He brought great props and we had a blast...

next up:

Crystala as Marilyn Monroe

March 6

4104 Penn Avenue
email us to get on the update list or sign up on MySpace

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sprout Fund

Mural dedication of East Carson Street Treasures by David Hawbaker, a community mural created in the Southside community of Pittsburgh, 2006

The Sprout Fund Is Now Accepting Applications!


Sprout Public Art encourages dialogue on public art between the community and the artist, contributes to community and neighborhood development and raises awareness about the important role that local artists can have in shaping communities. During the first four seasons of Sprout Public Art, communities collaborated with artists to develop 31 enduring works of public art that enhance the urban landscape and consider the people of the community, their history and their hopes for the future.

Application Deadline: Friday, March 23, 2007 at 5 pm

Information Sessions:

Learn More About Community Murals/Making An Application
Every Thursday, 12-1pm and again at 5:30-6:30pm, January 25-March 22, 2007 at The Sprout Fund offices, 4920 Penn Avenue, in Bloomfield/Garfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh

For more information or to RSVP for an information session, email, go to the website , or call 412.325.0646

Morton Brown
Program Coordinator
Sprout Public Art
4920 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224-1609

Friday, February 23, 2007

TAIE event

Please join us this Monday. Ben Sota of the Zany Umbrella Circus will give a special presentation on his experiences in Kabul, Afghanistan working with at risk youth. Very inspirational, his story relates to the type of work many of us do. Please join us at the Teaching Artists Idea Exchange at the Blackbird Studios on Butler Street in Lawrenceville for a very special evening of conversation, refreshments, and networking with fellow artisans, teaching artists, and arts organizations. This event is an artist based initiative and free of charge to the arts community.

Alison Zapata
Portraits of Pets and the People who own them

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Flow @Pittsburgh Filmmakers

installation image: Pittsburgh Filmmakers Gallery

Josh Tonies
@Pittsburgh Filmmakers Gallery
477 Melwood Avenue -- 412.681.5449

This isn't much notice: the exhibit ends on Saturday, February 25. But if you haven't made it over, do try. The gallery is small and you may have to get the staff to turn on the lights.

The images in Josh Tonies' Flow series are a combination of landscapes and patterns generated from those patterns found in security envelopes.

Below is Lake Effect. The image doesn't come close to expressing the eerie glow of the work. The surface is cystalline, with patterns and landscape layered in an other-wordly manner.

Lake Effect -- Josh Tonies

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

women's work

Hello all you lovely people,
women's work showcases women creating art in the Greater Pittsburgh area. I am pleased to be included in the exhibit. Please join us on March 2 for the artist reception.
Susan Constanse

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lucky Us!

Come One Come All to see Good Looking Cranky Quilts
By Lucky LeRoy at Digging Pitt Gallery!!
4417 Butler Street
Pittsburgh PA 15201

412 605 0450
Gallery Hours
TH 12-9
FR 12-7
AS 11-7
SU 11-7
Closing Reception April 7, 2007 6-9pm

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Interview with John Morris

Digging Pitt has a concept, a vision. John Morris, who opened the gallery two years ago, has impacted arts in Pitsburgh in ways that have gone unrecognized. I admire him for his courage in bringing this concept to Pittsburgh.

Serendipity has posted an interview with John. Take a litte minute and step over there.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Friday, February 16, 2007

24 Hours of Art

Creative Treehouse to Host 24 Hours of Art

Bellevue, PA, Feb. 16th, 2007 — Creative TreeHouse, a new artists’ collective, will host a 24-hour Creative Marathon for local artists beginning at 8pm Friday, Feb. 23rd at 517 Lincoln Blvd., 2nd floor in Bellevue and culminating with a free gallery show and sale open to the public at 8pm on Saturday, Feb. 24th, complete with free appetizers, drinks and live music.

Sponsored by Burn Energy Drink and Pat Catans, the Creative Marathon will feature artists of various disciplines creating works to help raise funds for the Creative TreeHouse, a new facility in Bellevue dedicated not only to providing artists with work space, community and support but also to supplying local businesses with a new choice for all of their creative needs, including web design, graphic design, video production and photography. Creative TreeHouse will officially open in March. More information on their services can be found at www.CreativeTreeHousePgh.com or www.myspace.com/CreativeTreeHouse.

Doors will open at Creative TreeHouse at 8 PM on Friday, Feb 23rd for artists to begin their work. All participants will be offered a 12”x12” piece of masonite and will have 24 hours to create a piece. All art lovers are invited to attend the gallery show for free at 8pm on Saturday the 24th. All artwork will be available for sale, priced by the individual artists. Proceeds will be split evenly between the Creative TreeHouse and the artists. Artists interested in participating in the event should e-mail CreativeMarathon@CreativeTreeHousePgh.com.

Upcoming events at Creative TreeHouse will showcase local artists’ work in fashion, art, photography, and music. They also plan to host the return of 24-Hour Comics Day, pairing writers and artists to create comic books in a 24-hour period. Check their website (www.CreativeTreeHousePgh.com) or become their myspace friend (www.myspace.com/CreativeTreeHouse) for updates.

For additional information, Contact:

Andy Rubacky/Jesse Hambley

Creative TreeHouse

517 Lincoln Blvd., 2nd floor

Bellevue, PA 15202




Creative Treehouse to Host 24 Hours of Art

Creative Treehouse was founded and is operated by Andy Rubacky and Jesse Hambley. Mr. Rubacky is a 31 year-old graphic designer. He and his business partner Sabatino DiBattista co-own 517521, a department store featuring new, vintage, and artist-produced products. Mr. Hambley is a 23 year-old independent photographer, designer and video editor.

Andy Rubacky/Jesse Hambley

Creative TreeHouse

517 Lincoln Blvd., 2nd floor

Bellevue, PA 15202




Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bad weather, bad memory

My studio is too cold to work in right now. I have been going but only long enough to pick up supplies or to drop something off. The last time I stopped in, I picked up supplies for the large-scale Origami workshop that I'm teaching at Society for Contemporary Crafts. I also helped a friend drill a hole in a plexiglass box. And while I was waiting I worked a little on a dictionary piece. There was also a painting that was selected for a group exhibit that I looked for.

A friend of mine has opened a coffee and wine shop. He asked if he could put some of my paintings in the shop. Okay, said I. And off he went with about ten paintings. Well, when I couldn't find the selected painting at the studio, I thought I must have given it to Vinnie. Nope, he didn't have it. It was in my front room, which is like a giant closet. Coats and stuff get dumped there in complete disarray. The painting that I was looking for was behind another painting that has been sitting there since I brought them home from the Ice House what must be two months ago.

It's been a nightmare week with scheduling. Since I don't drive, I have to carefully plan my time and trips so that I don't have to backtrack or waste time. Sometimes it takes me days to accomplish something that would take someone with a car a mere couple hours.
This time, I lucked out and the planned trip to retrieve my painting from Vinnie doesn't have to take place.

Which leads me to the weather, of course. It has been terribly cold, with temperatures dipping into the single digits. I want my studio back. I hate walking all over the place in this awful weather, dragging materials and portfolios. >whine<

Saturday, February 10, 2007

brillobox drink and draw

The last few times that went to drink and draw, I forgot to take my camera. But on February 6th, I had it in hand. Our model for the evening was Chuck, who we called a Hell's Angel.
We have new faces at all of the sessions. Since I'm not really great at retaining names, I'll just credit the drawings that I am sure about.
If you want more information about the Drink and Draw sessions at the brillobox, just email me at the brillobox drink and draw email. I have uploaded a calendar for drop-in sessions in Pittsburgh. Right now, the only venues listed are brillobox and Barely Brunch at the Brew House. I would be happy to list other venues on this calendar. Just let me know.

Our model, Chuck
Selene DePackh, whose blog is here
Selene's partner, Sue

David Grim

Renee Ruth Ickes
Susan Constanse

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Drink and Draw this Tuesday

Chuck, Hell's Angel
... will be modeling for Drink and Draw this Tuesday

February 6, 6-9pm
brillobox Drink & Draw
4104 Penn Ave
Drinkies! Door Prizes!
Join us on MySpace

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tickle Me Emo!

What's the first letter in the Brooklyn alphabet?

Fuckin' A

What district in New York starts with a d?


Bwah hahahaha!