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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bad weather, bad memory

My studio is too cold to work in right now. I have been going but only long enough to pick up supplies or to drop something off. The last time I stopped in, I picked up supplies for the large-scale Origami workshop that I'm teaching at Society for Contemporary Crafts. I also helped a friend drill a hole in a plexiglass box. And while I was waiting I worked a little on a dictionary piece. There was also a painting that was selected for a group exhibit that I looked for.

A friend of mine has opened a coffee and wine shop. He asked if he could put some of my paintings in the shop. Okay, said I. And off he went with about ten paintings. Well, when I couldn't find the selected painting at the studio, I thought I must have given it to Vinnie. Nope, he didn't have it. It was in my front room, which is like a giant closet. Coats and stuff get dumped there in complete disarray. The painting that I was looking for was behind another painting that has been sitting there since I brought them home from the Ice House what must be two months ago.

It's been a nightmare week with scheduling. Since I don't drive, I have to carefully plan my time and trips so that I don't have to backtrack or waste time. Sometimes it takes me days to accomplish something that would take someone with a car a mere couple hours.
This time, I lucked out and the planned trip to retrieve my painting from Vinnie doesn't have to take place.

Which leads me to the weather, of course. It has been terribly cold, with temperatures dipping into the single digits. I want my studio back. I hate walking all over the place in this awful weather, dragging materials and portfolios. >whine<

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