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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dorothy 6 in Braddock

It's been a few years since I've been to Braddock. A lot has been happening there over the last couple years, with the opening of an artist's studio building and several art events. Bus service from my residence to Braddock is a long, drawn-out process and I am at the mercy of public transportation. However, if you have the wherewithal to attend functions at Dorothy 6, I would highly recommend it.

Dorothy 6 is in a small, concrete block building, topped by the Mayr's residence. Next door is a church that has been converted into a performance space. Both spaces have unique qualities, both are exceptional.

There is a small garden area in front of Dorothy 6. On Friday, the space was filled with people and fire.

The performance venue, next door to Dorothy 6 --
I took this image at the back of Dorothy 6. The silouettes are from the paper cutouts in the installation.
The reason for being at Dorothy 6 on Friday night? Swoon is in Pittsburgh, collaborating with Leslie Stem and Chris Stain on a new installation --
You Can Never Hold Back Spring
April 27 - May 27
Dorothy 6
416 Library St., Braddock
By appointment: 412-951-0622

Images from the installation --

"There are so many spaces that don't really need to be brown," renowned street artist Swoon told the New York Times in 2004. Inspired by sources including German expressionist wood-block prints, her life-sized, realistic and often stunning paper cutouts were wheat-pasted in Manhattan streets and alleys, where their decay furthered the art. Gallery shows in Europe and the U.S. followed, as did write-ups in big art mags.


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