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Thursday, December 06, 2007

The SAFE Act

Yes folks, another WTF moment, brought to you by those lovely folks that we've entrusted with our governance -

Wednesday's vote caught Internet companies by surprise: the Democratic leadership rushed the SAFE Act to the floor under a procedure that's supposed to be reserved for noncontroversial legislation. It was introduced October 10, but has never received even one hearing or committee vote. In addition, the legislation approved this week has changed substantially since the earlier version and was not available for public review. - read the article

The SAFE Act is supposed to protect our children from internet predators. Tell me something, aren't the parents supposed to raise their offspring? Hey, I have an idea: let's legislate ourselves into a soft and fuzzy cocoon so that we don't have to make any hard choices or, heaven forbid, actually sit down and have a real conversation with our children about the world.

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