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Thursday, January 10, 2008


I worked very closely with Stephanie Lee Jackson over the course of The Blogger Show. From the beginning, I thought her work was beautiful. She is also that rare combination among artists, combining creative drive and pragmatism.

Stephanie Lee Jackson
"Ring," oil on linen, 36"x 48"

As we worked together to bring the Agni Gallery tendril of the Blogger Show to fruition, we both sensed an affinity, not only in our work but in our temperaments. The compatible aspects of our works are overwhelming, which is why I thought collaboration was a possible avenue to explore.

I have never collaborated with another artist. It's not that the subject hasn't come up. I am not sure why the early talks that I had with a very few others didn't bear fruit. The time is right, I think. And so is the artist.

The working title for the project is seeds, which really seems appropriate for this new venture. Stephanie's first packet has arrived and I have been turning them over in my mind's eye for the last couple days.

Please excuse the crappy images. I will be re-shooting these before I start and will replace these images with better ones. These don't do justice to the real things at all.

First seed, Stephanie to Susan
Seed 1, Stephanie to Susan
Pencil on sandpaper, 4" x 6"

Second seed, Stephanie to Susan
Seed 2, Stephanie to Susan
Mixed on paper, 6" x 4"

Third seed, Stephanie to Susan
Seed 3, Stephanie to Susan
Pencil on paper, 6" x 4"

I am intrigued by these, especially the first seed. What has been interesting, even this early on, is the orientation from which to look at the work. I will be posting about the collaboration process here on oranje. Stephanie has already begun to post about seeds on The Brooklyn Days. You can see more of Stephanie's work on her site.

I do want to take a moment to thank John Morris. Without his encouragement and the opportunity that the Blogger Show presented, I wouldn't have met Stephanie or any of the other artists involved in the exhibits.


prettylady said...

Orientation is an interesting issue. Yours are oriented differently on my wall than in my blog post, and you oriented mine differently than I did while making them. But I deliberately did not label a 'top' side for this very reason, to see what happened.

I second your thanks to John! What a sweetie!

Susan Constanse said...

Yeah, it didn't cross my mind until I saw the orientation in your post. I sign a lot of my small works on the back so that the viewer can complete the piece by deciding the orientation.

Your seed on sandpaper seemed like a vertical orientation to me. At least at this point.

American Genius said...

You guys should do more collaborations.

Susan Constanse said...

Hi American,
this is only the beginning --