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Friday, January 11, 2008

Moving day

I have been planning to move my blog for a while now. I have been screwing around with the layout, customizing things a bit, yadda yadda.

The only thing that has kept me here this last month is that I was waiting for the close of the Blogger Show and the demise of Digging Pitt Gallery.

Today is the last day for both the show and the gallery, so I'm moving on, in the Blogosphere and in meatspace.

So for all of my cyber visitors, check out my new digs, and don't forget to update your links!

and for all of my meatspace pals, you can find me at the Polish Hill Civic Association and at the brillobox.

God (or somebody with a lot more power than I have) bless John Morris. You're the best.


AG Kerlin said...

I don't have any power, but I say bless John Morris too. I'm glad I got to visit Digging Pitt, but sorry the visit came only at the end.

Susan Constanse said...

Hi sweety,
Thanks for stopping in. It was, as always, great to see you.

Anonymous said...
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