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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

No snow days

Even though it's expected, this brief respite always surprises. This year, January thaw seems early. After all, it began two days ago. According to the forecast, it will extend another couple days.

While the air temperature is balmy, the days have been dreary and I know that winter is only a breath away. In the meantime, I have shed my monstrosity of a coat and my sensible hat for something a little more frivolous and just a little cute.

As always, every citizen takes to the streets, the youngest among us daring winter by sporting less apparel than they would at the same temperature in a different season. Our neighbors pause to chat on the sidewalk instead of rushing to their warm homes. There is a sense of secret pleasure, like a child that has received an anonymous gift that must be consumed before it is discovered.

I love January thaw, this one week of weather out of place.


American Genius said...

I love it too. A few nice warm days and some thunderstorms. A little excitement. But not too much, we were lucky the tornados just flew by without touching down to say hello

Susan Constanse said...

Welcome back!
Where are you from?