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Sunday, March 25, 2007

In Full Bloom reception@SPACE

SPACE was so crowded at the opening that I really didn't get to look at the work. The show includes over one hundred works by forty artists. It was a massive undertaking. Bob Ziller brought some very fine work in for this exhibit. And the artists really put their best foot forward, with some creating work specifically for this show.

I will be going back over the next week to get images of some of the works but following are some images of the reception.

Christane D. and Eden McNutt
Kevin Wenner, working on Full Bloom. I'll get an image of the completed work when I go back next week.
The inconquerable Marci Gehring. This image is from a previous exhibit, where she was showing off one of her afghan creations. I just love these, especially on tall, lanky women (and men: see below). But on me? No, I would look like a couch!

Marci brought a rack of these garments to the opening; there are more images on Chuck Busha's pbase site. Go check it out, they're way better than mine.

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