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Thursday, March 29, 2007

In Full Bloom @SPACE - images from the exhibit

So finally, here are the images from the In Full Bloom exhibit at SPACE. I may have to go back. There are over a hundred works from forty artists in the exhibit. It is difficult to take a show like this in all at one time. I saw a lot of the work at drop off and I've been back to the gallery twice since the opening. It's the kind of exhibit where you see something new each time you go, as much because of your mood as the sheer number of works.
Kevin Wenner

I had mentioned that I was going to shoot Kevin Wenner's piece after the opening. Pretty luscious, huh? Speaking of luscious works, check out Ed Parrish's work, below. This was a pretty ambitious undertaking. Someone mentioned to me that he created this piece for the In Full Bloom exhibit.
Ed Parrish
Ed Parrish -- detail
Masha Vereshchenko

Maybe it was my mood, but I was really drawn to the lush works in the exhibit. Masha Vereshchenko's delicate ink drawings on this heavy-textured paper pulled me in. This deserves more time and I look forward to visiting it again.

Amir Rashidd

This piece really drew me in, too. The dichotomy between the loose ground and the tight rendering of the figure appeals to me.

I wish I could credit this one. The work is hung very high on the wall and I couldn't read its label. Also, my image doesn't do the color justice, so use this as an incentive to go and view the exhibit.

More details about the exhibit can be found here and here.

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