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Friday, December 28, 2007

I can hear the swans singing

For the last two years, I have been working at Digging Pitt Gallery for John Morris. The gallery, and its operations, have been a major part of my life for that time. In two years, Digging Pitt has produced over thirty exhibits, not to mention artist talks, workshops and readings. The most recent exhibit, The Blogger Show, has been a monumental effort. It is also Digging Pitt's swan song.

In just two short weeks, the gallery will be closing its doors. We began handing work back to the artists in mid-December. With nearly two hundred artists represented in the flat file archive, this is proving to be as monumental a task as coordinating The Blogger Show.

Several people have lent their time and energy to the gallery in significant ways over the last two years that I have worked at the gallery. Jean McClung has been a tireless advocate, closely involved with gallery operations. Larry Swiech has, without fail, been available to assist with his presence when we needed an extra hand. When he was still living in Pittsburgh, Robert Franklin made himself available in a number of ways. There are many other people that have played a part in keeping the gallery alive, too many to catalog here. But please know that all of you have my gratitude for your kindness.

And so, we come to the end. But also to the beginning of this fine madness: John Morris.

Dear John,

Your tireless advocacy of Pittsburgh artists on their home ground is very much appreciated by a significant number of the gallery artists. Your vision cast light on a different path for many of them, encouraging many, and especially me, to consider other avenues. Your generosity in supporting and championing the visual arts is humbling.

Thank you, John Morris. You're a hero.



Tracy said...

So sorry to hear that Digging Pitt is actually closing. Running a gallery is tough, but John sure did accomplish a lot with his.

Watchya going to do with all your new free time?

Susan Constanse said...

Free time? What's that?

No, seriously, I already have two more p/t jobs. I hope to get back in the studio in February, as well as re-editing Mean Stream.

Eva said...

Thanks for helping all of us who were in the Blogger Show. All the best to you in 2008!

Susan Constanse said...

You too, Eva.

Michael said...

Sorry to read this and best to all.

Susan Constanse said...

Thanks, Michael. It breaks my heart to see this happening.