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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Happy Birthday, Ash

I have been meaning to do this all week. Two very good friends of mine, KL and Ash, moved into a house in Verona last spring. Ash thought it might be a great time to have a housewarming party last weekend. Sounds simple, no? invite a bunch of people over, fire up the grill and make sure there's plenty of ice.

You've never met KL, have you?

For two weeks, Ash called up friends and family and invited them out to Verona for the party on SATURDAY night. Nothing big, just a barbecue, some beer, yes so-and-so is coming and you can get a ride from them. Following right behind her was KL, rubbing his hands together in glee and whispering No, the party is on SUNDAY. Hee-hee. And it's gonna be a birthday party for Ash. So everybody, you tell Ash that you'll be out on SATURDAY, but don't forget that the party is really on SUNDAY. Hee-hee.
(Back story:
KL did something similar last year. Ash invited everybody to their apartment for her birthday. KL told them to gracefully decline, but to show up anyway.)

Well, everybody showed up on Sunday for the party and Ash had a birthday party that she wasn't expecting and KL got to laugh and giggle all day about how he got her again this year. Weirdly enough, we all went along with him on this one.

I don't know how he'll top this next year. But anyway, Happy Birthday, Ash.

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