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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Tenth Annual Sacred Arts exhibit

Last night was the artists' reception for the Sacred Art exhibit at BoxHeart Gallery. Two of my paintings were in the exhibit (the ones at the top of the page) I have been pursuing spiritual imagery in my work for the past few years and this exhibit seemed like a good fit for me. Other images of work from this series are on my website, mostly in the Original Sin portfolio.

BoxHeart Gallery has been holding the Sacred Art exhibit for ten years now. The exhibit draws entries from all over the world and this year's exhibit was no exception.

One of the most striking paintings in the exhibit is Stephan Phillip's The Virgin and Child (pictured at left). Very somber in tone. The distortion is what really drew me to the painting. The gigantic legs, soft belly and round breast are topped by small shoulders and head. Through this distortion, the figure has taken on the proportions of some unclimbable mountain.

The Sacred Art exhibit strives to find work each year that steps out of the mainstream of spirituality, that challenges the viewers' preconceptions of the monotheistic religions with which our culture is most familiar.


Merge Divide said...

I really enjoyed this show. Your paintings are impressive. It's strange to think that in ten years, this was the first Sacred Arts show I've ever attended. It was good to have a chance to talk to you and George Kollar at the opening.

Susan Constanse said...

As always, it was a pleasure to see you, too.
I'm glad you had a good time.

And thanks!

Tracy said...

Glad the show and opening were good. I like the pieces you included. Is there usually a good turnout for Boxheart's openings?

Susan Constanse said...

Hi Tracy
It depends on your expectations, I think. BoxHeart gets pretty good turnouts on a regular basis. This is, however, Pittsburgh. And I think the market might be different then your expectations.

John Morris said...

Actually, Boxheart is sort of famous in Pittsburgh for not having big turnouts for openings. But, sort of don't focus on that. Most of thier sales happen at other times I think and they have a base of collectors.

I think that too many people judge galleries by weather they see big crowds at openings.