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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pack 'em in

I don't know what it is about triangle blocks, but I'm becoming obsessed. This is an aerial view of Plummer and Butler streets. As I was walking past there a day or so ago, it struck me that the very tip of the triangle was extremely packed. From the street, I could barely tell which part of which structure was connected. This is as close as I can find in the google map search and it really isn't very clear here. There is a lot of confusion on these lots with additions built back in the direction of Plummer (which, in this view, runs from bottom left to upper right). In some case, the back of the building runs parallel to Plummer while the front runs parallel to Butler. There are odd little decks and patios that are perched and railed on the lower-level roofs. All in all, a strangely dense little patch of urban dwellings

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