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Friday, August 25, 2006

Barely Brunch

Bethany Hofstetter spent quite a few phone calls and attended one of our monthly model sessions over the last month. She has written a very positive, if not terribly in depth, article for the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. Please, check out the article.

Barely Brunch has been running for about four years. We have an annual exhibit, hosted at SPACE 101 at the Brew House Association. Yes, we supply a generous brunch for the attending artists but the sessions don't begin until 1:00PM. The attorney referenced in the article, Fran Frederick, was the Executive Director of Associated Artists of Pittsburgh for ten years. In addition to lawyering and drawing she is also a poet. Pat Barefoot, one of the co-founders (I am the other one) teaches as an Adjunct Professor at Carnegie-Mellon and Duquesnes Universities.

Bethany somehow missed some of our younger folks. Paula, who will be attending this Sunday, is going into tenth grade. She has been attending since January 2005.

This is a fabulous group to work with. Somehow the article kinda misses that.

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