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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hill House Summer arts project: week three

With one more week to go, the artists' projects for the program are winding up. At this point, the artists have one session left with each of their groups.

I started out with the intention of going to the Addison site to see what Biko, Crossing Cultures and Denise Lewis were up to. I got to the site only to find that the entire center had gone swimming at Sandcastle. So, instead of seeing Crossing Cultures at Addison, I waited until Thursday to check out what they were doing at Bedford.

Chrisine Bethea and Brenda Bethea-Brown have been working as a team, calling themselves Crossing Cultures, for a few years. This summer, they put together the Seussville on the Hill project for the students. Combining poetry and visual arts, the project is designed to appeal to a wide range of ages. At Addison, they are working primarily with the older students but have been flexible enough that when they are on site they can work with any of the age groups.

I filled in that day for an artist who had to cancel her planned sessions with the students. Hopefully Staycee Walters will be able to join us next summer; she's an amazing dancer. At left is Miss Edna, who has been assisting the artists where she can this summer. She has worked with the Hill House on their summer arts projects and at other projects for a long while. We are lucky to have her for the program, she's great with the children. I wrked with the children on a weaving project, using cardboard looms. Since I only have about three hours with them, we are making spirit bags. each child will get a red feather to seal into their bags. The feathers come from my parrots, Alix and Louis, who are Congo African Greys. These red feathers symbolize wisdom in an african myth.

Next week is the last week of the project. We'll be bringing student work and performances to the Hill House for the annual summer celebration on Saturday August 12.

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