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Friday, August 18, 2006

New studio space is moving right along!

The work on the new space is proceeding at a good pace, considering that we all have other commitments to keep up with. I am sharing the studio space with two other artists, my brother Chuck Busha and Ray Bradlau, both photographers. I'll tell you though, I wouldn't have even considered this space if it wasn't for Chuck. He's really handy. In my first post about the studio, I had mentioned that we were going to move the wall of shelves perpindicular to the front of the building and utilize them as a wall to secure the space. So, eighteen days into it and real progress is being made. The above images show the front of the space , which is where I will be doing most of my work. Look! Windows!

Chuck and Ray added additional walls to create a long cubicle and a hang-out area. Pretty cool, guys. See below left. The space has a loading dock door. The weather has been a little on the warm side but clear and sunny since we started working on the space. So we usually open the loading dock door when we are here to let in light and air. This is a little dark, but the image below right gives a fair idea of how long the space is.

What studio would be complete without a project? These are tiny pieces, a little larger than a slide mount. I have been doing the drawings at home. Did I mention that my husband and I have birds? They are the main reason that I have to have a stuio outside of my home. Although I have been drawing these at home, the finishing has to take place elsewhere because Alix and Louis are susceptible to airborne toxins.

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