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Monday, August 21, 2006

Play with your food

Edible origami cranes. these are made from wonton wrappers. it brings up a world of possibilities.

I wonder if this would work with:

filo dough
pillsbury crescent rolls
pie crust
fruit roll-ups

I think I might be spending a little time in the kitchen.


Merge Divide said...

What about origami hot dogs out of filo dough? Or a wonton origami banana?

Anonymous said...
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Lenore said...

Filo dough is too fragile - it would just fall apart. Tortillas break rather than crease. Pie crust could work if you overwork it a bit so it is more resilient. It will be less flaky, but will hold together better. Fruit roll-ups - well, awfully sticky, but possible. Stick to simple models, but keep in mind that they will droop when finished. Crescent rolls - I like the idea, but you'd have to stick to really simple models. Even if you got something complicated folded, the details would disappear when baked.

John Morris said...

Wow, David that has to be one of the best names for a band I have ever heard.

John Morris said...

You see the fact that no one can make a wonton origami banana will make it sound even better. It will be an ongoing mystery and a dream.

Let's face it-- Martin Luther Kings dreams are just a bit too much right now. But with CMU here, the wonton origami banana is possible. But if it does happen we are going to need a bigger stadium cause people will want to see it.