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Friday, October 19, 2007

The Blogger Show

The Blogger Show is a multi-venue, cross platform exhibit. To date, the exhibit will include the work of thirty-four artists at four galleries in two cities. In addition, there is an online exhibit where you can view the works from this poly-talented group of artists.

The Blogger Show, in all of its many facets, was conceived by John Morris at Digging Pitt. John, who is an extraordinary artist, began talking about this exhibit over a year ago. The exhibits have taken on momentum, growing to encompass all of the many facets of the internet. There are online projects and a gallery of the artists' works. And everywhere, there are links to the community of artist bloggers.

I count myself fortunate to be involved in this project. My work will be seen in all of the venues that the exhibits encompass. The exhibit at Agni Gallery opens on November 3 and runs through the end of the month. Following is Untitled (Stream series), which is included in the exhibit -

The shows in Pittsburgh open on November 10. I will be sharing Digging Pitt Too with Bill Gusky. I am looking forward to finally meeting Bill. I have been reading his blog longer than I have had my own. I find his discourse to be well-reasoned and honest. Did I mention that I like his work? I do, very much.

Following are some of the works that will be appearing at Digging Pitt Too. breathe/sing (48" x 60") is the single image. The slide show is smaller works on canvas and panel. Most of these works are from the Unreal Spaces series, which seems to be evolving in some unexpected ways.

Panza Gallery is also opening on November 10. I will be presenting a selection of journal drawings from the Stream series at Panza. All of these works are small format, works on paper. Following is an excerpt from the artist statement for the series -
The works comprising the Stream series are a non-verbal journal, recording the evolution of a visual language. Each piece is produced over several days and is completed in succession. This process presents a time portrait that is a combination of the process and mark-making. Movement is a key component in the process of creating these works, depicting rhythms that range from staccato to adagissimo. The progression from all ink, with marks reminiscent of stitching, to the recent drawings that use hard graphite pencils to create subtle shades indicates an evolution of a visual vocabulary.

I'll be making announcements about receptions and other events at Digging Pitt, Agni and Panza as the exhibits and online presence expands. I do have a MySpace page if you would like to join me there. Join the artists at The Blogger Show or on MySpace.

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