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Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Blogger Show @Agni Gallery

Agni Gallery
170 East 2nd Street, Storefront #3
New York, NY 10009
November 3- 30, 2007 - Public Reception: November 3, 6 - 9pm

The Blogger Show is a multi-venue, cross platform exhibit. To date, the exhibit will include the work of thirty-four artists at four galleries in two cities. In addition, there is an online exhibit where you can view the works from this poly-talented group of artists.

The Blogger Show, in all of its many facets, was conceived by John Morris at Digging Pitt. John, who is an extraordinary artist, began talking about this exhibit over a year ago. The exhibits have taken on momentum, growing to encompass all of the many facets of the internet. There are online projects and a gallery of the artists' works. And everywhere, there are links to the community of artist bloggers.

The art bloggers at Agni -

Tire Shop
Sharon Butler (Mystic, CT) – Two Coats of Paint
Parker, CO) New Work and Inspiration
Kevin Clancy (Boston MA and Pittsburgh PA) - soft soft pink pulls through the ivory void
Jacksonville Florida) JaxCal.org
Christiane D
Fallon and Rosof’s Artblog
Cable Griffith
Canton, CT) Artblog Comments
Works by Tracy Helgeson
Pretty Lady
Washington, D.C.) Thinking About Art
Minneapolis, MN) stillifes
Portland, OR) Eva Lake
Steven LaRose
Richmond VA)Annabelle’s Aspirin
Joanne Mattera Art Blog Matthews The Younger
Digging Pittsburgh Arts
Loren Munk (Brooklyn NY) - James Kalm
find the time to rhyme
Fallon and Rosof’s Artblog Wood Ridge NJ) NYC Art
Fiji Island Mermaid Press

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