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Saturday, May 27, 2006


The exhibit went up without a hitch on Thursday. So, we had a no-sweat opening last night. At left is Rich Brown and Pat Barefoot. Pat and I have been coordinating the Barely Brunch model sessions for the past four years at the Brew House. This is our second exhibit. Rich started coming to the brunches last year and has been designing our postcards and posters. Thanks Rich and Pat!

At left is John Morris and Renee Ruth Ickes.

Here's a nice, long shot of the gallery. SPACE 101 is located in the Brew House on Pittsburgh's Southside. The building is an artists' live and work community. Currently, there are about twenty studios operating in the old brewery.

There are additional installation and reception images on my site. You can view them here.


Lisa Hunter said...

Looks like a great event. Congrats.

Susan Constanse said...

Thanks, Lisa,
It was a blast!
Next year will be even better.