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Thursday, May 04, 2006

This week in Pittsburgh

I finally had a little bit of time to load pictures onto my computer. So, even though this isn't in order...

April 29, 2006


Art All Night began on Saturday. This is a twenty-four hour artfest that takes place in some unoccupied building in Lawrenceville annually. It's been growing every year! This, year, nearly one thousand works were on display and the unofficial attandance was eight thousand. It was really crowded. I mean really crowded. Pictured at left is David Leone, who coordinated the event this year and last year. Thanks, David, for all that you do.

May 3, 2006

Yesterday was a studio day. I got a little distracted from the piece I am making for the BARE II exhibit. I found some old slide mounts, which set off a bunch of thoughts. They looked so much like picture frames. And I started to wonder if the mounts would hold heavy paper. Using some wooden kitchen matches, I worked smoke patterns onto paper and then trimmed the paper down to fit the format of the mounts. It seems to me that the scale of the smoke patterns work well with the small format of the slide mounts. I have about sixty of these mounts. I plan to develop this into a narrative series of drawings.

Progress is being made on the work for the piece that is going into the BARE II exhibit. I have decided to stand the drawers on end. The interior of the last drawer is ready and the vellum has been attached to AIR. I can't wait to get this out of my dark hole of a studio and into the light. Somebody had suggested to me that I backlight the pieces, but I really like that these are subtle light plays.

On Friday, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts will have a reception for all of the summer exhibits, Unblurred is happening on Penn Avenue and there is a gallery opening in Larryville that I need to attend.


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