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Sunday, May 07, 2006


You know that last hour or so of the day, when you're too tired to do anything strenuous, to think anything? embroidery is great for filling that time. After you've drawn out the design and picked your colors, everything else is automatic. But I needed a break from my embroidery, so I started doodling at night. They started out looking like stitchery.

This type of work is really meditative. Busy hands seem to let my mind roam, like dreaming with my eyes open. Like night dreaming, sometimes this space is filled with reviews of the days events. There is time to examine, to reach resolutions and to plan.


Heart As Arena said...

Susan Constance. You are in Pittsburgh and you have an art blog. Excellent.

benvolta said...

I had a professor at the Academy that continually told us that our doodles will probably be the best things we ever create... we just have to figure out a way to present them... now I find myself telling this to my students all the time. funny how that works.

Susan Constanse said...

heart as arena - I have added some Pittsburgh links to the blog. I need to go through and edit them a little. Most are on my website.

Hello Ben
I love drawing from live models. We have discussed so many times what to do with gesture sketches after sessions. Sometimes the action can be its own justification.