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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Change the plane

Today at Digging Pitt Gallery!
Change the Plane Origami workshop
We had about fourteen people at the gallery today for a workshop on folding paper. We had students, adults, children, artists... anyway, you get the picture! Everybody left with something that they could fold. Anjee and Hongla, who will be helping with the Origami Menagerie project next week, were also there. And I was glad that they were able to lend support during the workshop!

Below are Becca (left) and Tory (right)

Seth and Christine came to the workshop. Both are accomplished folders. Here they are posing with their day's projects....

All in all, a productive and enjoyable afternoon. Stay tuned for the TRAF project, coming to this blog in a few days. (tickticktick)

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