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Friday, May 26, 2006

Three Rivers Arts Festival

We are starting the countdown for the TRAF Origami menagerie project. Beginning on June 2nd, the project will be installed in the family area of the festival. On Monday and Tuesday evening, we got together to go over some models and prep materials. Above left is Tai and above right is Anjee, two of the team that will be bringing the menagerie to the festival.

I have posted my schedule for the project here, so if you have a moment, please stop by and say hello. I am interested in getting your pictures of the project. I'll post them in this blog if you email them to this email.


Tracy said...

Hi Susan, I will also have some work at the Festival, displayed in the Boxheart Gallery's space. I won't be there, otherwise I'd definitely stop by and say hi and see your project unfold :-).

Susan Constanse said...
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Susan Constanse said...

Hi Tracy,
I'll stop by the booth and check out your work. Small world, isn't it? I saw your work on line through Edward Winkelman's blog.

Susan Constanse said...

And as addendum, I just checked into your site. If I did this when I was fully caffeinated, I might have noticed the Boxheart link before now.

Tracy said...

Definitely a small art blog world anyway!

I didn't notice your link to Boxheart right away (all these sidebars tend to blur together after awhile!) either, but when I noticed that you are in Pittsburgh, I meant to mention it. Have you shown there?

Susan Constanse said...

Yes, I have, but it was several years ago. I will be in the Tenth Annual Sacred Art exhibit, which opens at the end of June.

Currently, Digging Pitt Gallery represents my work in Pittsburgh.