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Sunday, October 14, 2007

The only good artist is a dead one

at the Pittsburgh Playwrights Black White Festival

Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company,
542 Penn Ave., Downtown.
Mark Clayton Southers
Founder/Artistic Director

"The Only Good Artist is a Dead One", written by Rage Stevenson. Directed by James Wong and produced by Mark Southers. Festival coordinator, John Gresh.
Starring the one and only, phenomenal and fabulous Phat Man Dee!

Take a wild and insane ride through the frustrated mind of a mad artist!
The piece is a funny, black humoured, beautifully poetic rant about the seeming futility of creating art in America. Imagine if you will, a fashionably dressed dead best friend, a raging and ranting artist trying to get paid, birds flying, pink nooses, an asshole art buyer and vomit.

Dates and Times:
Preview: Thursday Oct 18th at 8pm
Opening: Saturday Oct 20th at 8pm
Sunday Oct 21st at 2pm
Thursday Oct 25th at 8pm
Saturday Oct 27th at 2pm
Sunday Oct 28th at 6pm

Rage Stevenson Bio

A graduate of UCLA and member of the LA underground art scene, Rage Stevenson, is ready to show Pittsburgh what he's got. Rage has run the gamut as a model turned actor turned writer and painter.

After being on the scene in LA for 10 years, Pittsburgh provides just the right amount of chill space that he needs to rejuvenate, because as he puts it, "those incessant sunny days can be really non-inspiring".

After trying to make his mark in the LA art world and tiring of the chase, he decided to take a look at what it takes to make art and how that thankless lifestyle can make you crazy. He spent several years interviewing countless artists of all genres across the nation, foundation heads, venue owners, producers and non-profit directors to concoct an insanely frustrating look at the inner machinations of a struggling American artist.

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