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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Carnivalesque - June 10

Last night was the artist reception for Carnivalesque at Digging Pitt Gallery. For those of you that couldn't make it, you missed a great party! Marci Ghering supplied us with these wonderful bags filled with tasty popcorn, as well as some other carnival nibbles. And a really cool piece of art. Above right is Miss Ghering, posing with her Patriot Clown chair. Isn't she magnificent?

The gallery was pretty crowded throughout the evening and the reception lasted a bit longer than usual. We had performermances by some local talent and a psychic. We even had a local child come in and entertain the crowd with her vocal stylings. Installation images and more images from the reception will go up on the Digging Pitt site early next week, so check in there for more details.

Addendum: June 16
I've been so busy lately that I am not thinking straight. A shout-out to David Grim, who curated the Carnivalesque exhibit. Check into the Digging Pitt site to read his curator statement.


Lisa Hunter said...

Looks like fun! Are there a lot of art shows in Pittsburg during the summer? In theory, New York galleries slow way down, but I wonder if that's true of other cities?

Susan Constanse said...

Oh, we had a wonderful time. Local performers, cool art, and great turn-out.

Most of the galleries in the 'burgh are non-profits, so their shows change on a regular basis even though the traffic to the exhibits slows. The Mattress Factory shuts down in August. and some of the other galleries schedule to close for at least a couple weeks then too.

I lived in Portland OR for a good long bite of time and their art scene was very much the same as the 'burgh's during the summer. Exhibits are still mounted, even though attendance is really weak. Most of the galleries try a number of different things to generate interest in the summer, but focus mainly on group exhibits.

Dave G. said...

Oh nice sus... I couldn't even get a shout out on this one?! Don't you think I read this?