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Saturday, June 10, 2006

TRAF - June 8 & 9

So, on June 8, I folded a lion (left) and started folding a large scale horse. The horse is finished now and I hope to install it today. Two of the cranes that were installed in the footpath, both squirrels and the lion went missing overnight. Origami is an ephemeral artform and I know that these pieces are particularly vulnerable being out in the elements. And it really is impractical to re-stage these pieces every day. I hope that wherever these models are they have a good home. The papier mache' projects are looking pretty good, aren't they? On the right is the amazing chicken-lion, resplendent in its bright pink plumage. Pretty cool, Heather!

Taichi has been working at assembling flowers and cranes from wallpaper sample books. In the above right photo, you can see where he has placed some of the flowers. At left, he has hung additional pieces in a tree. He has to replace about 30% of the flowers each day, so the field is growing pretty slowly. We all fold small figure in between the larger projects, mainly because we have a limited supply of seamless paper.

Hopefully, I'll be able to post a picture of my horse tomorrow. it's about 50" in height.


Barry said...

the amazing chicken lion? LOL this heather person must be keenly visionary.

Susan Constanse said...

I'll try to get some more images of the finished sculptures.