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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Armstrong Cork

I started using a digital camera nearly two years ago when I began touring graffiti sites with my friend Jean McClung. At various times, we have been accompanied by other artists, like my brother Chuck, Tim Fabian and Tony. We have gone to some interesting sites over the last couple years, including Armstrong Cork. The complex is located in the Strip District, about twenty blocks from where I live in Lawrenceville.

We got into the Armstrong Cork building a couple times before it was slated for redevelopment. Also known as Graffiti Warehouse, the Mattress Factory published a book documenting the work in the building.

The building, developed for loft living, is now open for viewing. Jean has preserved some of the graffiti in her found art series, selections from which are at Digging Pitt Too, opening this Thursday.

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