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Friday, September 15, 2006

Artists interview artists

JT Kirkland began his Artists inteview artists blog feature in June 2005. Artists for this project submit five questions, which are randomly assigned to another artist to answer. JT publishes the resulting interviews pretty frequently. The interview is "blind", since the questions aren't specific to one artist or even discipline. The questions address broad philosophical and general issues that most artists confront in their quest to create.

I submitted my five questions to JT and he posted the interview with Fiona Ross today. If you have a minute, please check out her site, especially the drawings. I love sumi ink, too. Thank you, JT, for all of the interesting projects that you so generously share with the members of the art-blogging community.

Here are the questions that I submitted to the project:

1. How many mediums have you tried before you found your current preferred medium?
2. What process do you use to develop a series or a concept?
3. In what way has your location affected the art that you make?
4. Do you practice any art forms that are not visual art and how does that affect what you create as a visual artist?
5. In what way has mentoring affected your development as an artist?

I invite you to post answers to these questions in the comments.


Fiona Ross said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Susan. I loved the questions you asked...

Susan Constanse said...

Thanks, Fiona, and welcome.