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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Studio progress

I shot these pictures yesterday at my new studio. On the left is a soon-to-be filled set of shelves. I am moving my stuff in on Friday and Saturday. It's going to be great. I have so many materials in boxes, it will be nice to have them out where I can see them. Have you ever noticed that if you can't see a material it tends to not get used very much? On the right is my general working area, which includes two long, standing workbenches. I'll be moving my saws up here from home, too.

Above left is the door from the common staircase into the studio. Chuck salvaged this door, re-cut it to fit and mounted it. I helped, really I did. I trimmed the drywall on the top. Chuck wanted to try some wall treatments prior to painting. The compound that he put on the walls is almost dry here. It will be interesting to see what it looks like painted. On the right is the common office and hang-out area.

We all sat down a week or so ago. With all the improvements that we've made to the space, we are still way under what I have been anticipating. There are still some things that we have to address (like electricity) but we should be able to have a studio party in November.

Here is a long shot of the studio, from the loading dock door. Almost all of the stuff that has been stored in the space is gone. Chuck is going to blow the dust out and spot-sand the floors next week. By the time I start moving my stuff in, most of the big projects will be complete and I should be able to actually work in the studio within a couple weeks.

Stay tuned for special announcements about events. Oh yes, and we still haven't settled on a name.


Tracy said...

Oh Susan, you are killing me! I am jealous, green with envy, and heading for depression about your new studio! It looks so great and the open storage is wonderful, I always forget about all of the stuff that I have tucked away in drawers. Despite my envy I look forward to seeing more pics as you go!

Susan Constanse said...

You'll have to visit when you come to Pittsburgh. I'm about two blocks from BoxHeart.

It's a great space, isn't it? the lack of electricity and running water doen't even bother me much.

Lisa Hunter said...

Fabulous space!

New Yorkers who live in small spaces all have the same recurring dream: that we open a closet door or kitchen cupboard and realize, wow, there's a whole enormous extra room in our apartment that we didn't know we had. Your studio -- or someplace very like it -- has shown up in many a dream. (Interestingly, now that I've moved to Montreal, I've stopped having the real estate dream, and started having the one where I flunk my final exam in math. Not sure which is worse!)

Susan Constanse said...

Hey, warehouse space is the best. The two photographers that are sharing the space are drooling and talking about how their gonna set up backdrops and strobes.

Tracy said...

I would LOVE to visit you! December 2007, it's right around the corner:-)

Susan Constanse said...

Yes, it comes faster than you realize. And it couldn't be more convenient! Bloomfield has great restaurants, too.

John Morris said...

In all honesty, Susan looked pretty hard for that space at that price. We are all sick and violently angry at here great find.

The city of Leipzig in Germany seems to be reviving itself just fine with not much more to offer but a lot of great space.

Susan Constanse said...

Yeah, two years. But I was pretty specific; it had to be at most the same price as I was paying at the Brew House and it had to be within walking distance of home. (I can't drive). That said, it is located at the edge of a great retail area. Lots of restaurants, dollar stores and galleries.