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Thursday, September 14, 2006


I have been meaning to do this for the last two weeks. Just haven't had a moment until now.

My good friend, Carolyn Wenning, just finished renovating a building on Penn Avenue. The first floor will be her studio but for the month of September she invited several artists to display work in the space.

She opened the doors on September first, during Unblurred. It was an absolute mob scene, not only in the space but in all of the venues along the Penn Avenue corridor.

Carolyn picked some beautiful work for the opening. All of the artists chosen use nature as a source of inspiration for their work. There was a quiet intensity about the works in general. The opening was too crowded to get installation shots, but below are some of the works included in the exhibit. Jen Bechak did this installation in the exposed beams of the studio space. On the right is one of Carolyn's new works. She had a solo at Digging Pitt Gallery in July which featured some of her excellent work.

While I was on the avenue, I made a stop at a few of the other galleries open for Unblurred. 5151 opened for the first time with BIRDS, BEES, FLOWERS AND TREES. Linnea Glick, below left, was one of the featured artists in this new space. Her work has an intimate quality, as you can sort of see in my very bad photos from that evening.

Kim Fox was the other featured artist at 5151. Again, very small, intimate works. Kim was featured at the Three Rivers Arts Festival Gallery in the ShapereShape exhibit this past June. It was definintely a girls' night here in the Penn Avenue corridor on September 1st. .

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