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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Unpacked (mostly)

Most of the boxes are unpacked. The ones that are still packed are stored artwork. Also, I did a severe purge when I left the Brew House studio and threw out jars I was using for my brushes. I have to replace those. Right now, my brushes are in a box. On the left is my area from the entrance. Check out the shelves! There's still plenty of room. Which is great because I still have stuff to bring in. I still have to bring up some tools and some work that are at my home.

My purge was not extremely severe. I did think it was important to bring this handful of scrap copper and stuff from the other studio.

I use a three-drawer nightstand to hold my tubes of paint. When I was packing, I just dumped the contents into a box. Yesterday, while I was putting the tubes back in the drawere, I did another purge and threww out some tubes. Empty ones. I never do this while I'm working; too much in the moment, I guess. I noticed yesterday that there's no white paint. I pitched a handful of crimped and mutilated tubes.

So next week, it's back to painting!

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