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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Working in the studio

Yesterday was my first full working day in my new studio! I actually picked up a paintbrush. No commute time, windows, lots of space. I am in heaven!

So, the studio is on the second floor of a warehouse. The first floor is a kind of part-time furniture store. Someone was knocking on our door at street level, so I went down to answer it.

What a surprise I got! This very enthusiastic man flung his arms wide as I opened the door. His hair was marcelled and he had at least a pound of glitter on the back of his neck up into his hairline. Big glitter, too. Not that little dust stuff. I mean, he sparkled! Did I mention the false eyelashes? He was wearing a blue scrub gown, too.

Well, his face fell and his arms dropped. He asked me if Rochelle was here and if I had anything to do with the furniture store. I hated to disappoint him, but I had no idea when Rochelle would be in to open the store. Oh, he said, and he just drifted away. Actually, he floated.

I wish I had asked him up. Maybe he would have let me take his picture. I'll bet there would have been an interesting story, too. I wonder how he knows Rochelle?

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