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Friday, October 27, 2006

96th Annual at the Carnegie Museum of Art

In the lexicon of survey shows, this has to be one of the most important exhibits of regional art in Southwestern Pennsylvania. It's like prom night for Pittsburgh artists.

The parking lot had a line that went around the block. Inside, there was a sea of black-clad artists and art aficionados. It is museum policy that no photographs are permitted in the galleries so I didn't take my camera last night. A friend of mine, who is out of town and couldn't make the gala festivities, will be going with me to view the exhibit at a more leisurely pace. Last night, however, was for fun and the opportunity to talk with some friends and colleagues.

Andrew Carnegie founded the museum in the hopes of supporting contemporary arts, including the work of regional artists. This exhibit is the 96th Annual, most of which have been at the Carnegie Museum. Over the last few years, this annual has been hosted by the Andy Warhol Museum and the Frick Gallery of the University of Pittsburgh and the Regina Miller Gallery on the Carnegie-Mellon University campus.

There were a number of very fine works exhibited. I will be posting about them after my next, more leisurely, visit. Last night? It was a lot of fun. My family was there to cheer me on. Their support has been invaluable over the last several years. And my good friend, Christiane d., came to show her support. We were going to stop at brillobox for dinner after the reception, but they were so packed, there weren't any open tables. Instead, we ended up at Hambones, a neighborhood tavern. They make great burgers.

You know what gets me about this? I just ran a Google search and there is absolutely nothing in either the blogosphere or the local press about the exhibit. Get with it, Pittsburgh! You can't build a thriving art scene if you don't support your local artists. We have great museums, we have incredible artists, we have a city that is livable and charming. And yet the press completely overlooks this regional showcase.

The other thing that I want to say? Thanks to the local resident who decided to that they wanted to live with my work. The Word: Genesis was purchased last night, within an hour of the reception's start. That's how you start a thriving, local scene; by supporting your local artists.


Tey Stiteler, Communications Manager said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks for your blog about the AAP show. Media as we know it is getting smaller and smaller because of budgetary constraints, so spreading the word through alternative methods, like your blog, is a very good thing.

The AAP has been working hard in getting coverage for the show.
There are articles about the Associated Artist exhibition in both Pittsburgh Magazine and Carnegie Magazine this month.

It has been shown on KDKA TV, WPXI TV, and via the links below. In addition, Mary Thomas from the Post-Gazette and Kurt Shaw from the Tribune Review will be reviewing the exhibition for the papers this week.

On Q will do a feature about the show on WQED TV, but I don't know the date.




on the Associated Artist web site

and on my museum's web site www.cmoa.org

Hope this helps.

Tey Stiteler
Communications Manager
Carnegie Museum of Art

Susan Constanse said...

Thank you, Tey.
I haven't run any searches today but it looks like pretty slim pickings. The CMOA has my gratitude for hosting this exhibit, really.