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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Downtown Gallery Crawl

I met a friend for the Pittsburgh Downtown Gallery Crawl on Friday night. This is a quarterly event sponsored by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. The night's events are listed on their website. The first place the we stopped was at the August Wilson Center for African American Culture Gallery to see Women of Vision's Celebration of Visual Traditions exhibit. The space is broken into a series of alcoves and small rooms. Perfect for a group show like this. It gives each work space without it having to compete with each other. The image above is Bullock's Mother and Child; Journey Series . This is one of several fine collages that were presented at the exhibits on Friday. The figure in this piece is about life-sized, which really contributes to its impact. Really, you have to go and see the piece to get a better idea of the intricate collage. At the same show in the lower level was a series of boxes created by Martina Johnson Allen. The piece, titled Sacred Space, is made up of nine small boxes (below left). There is an interesting, lively feel to the work. Color seems to burst out along with the bits and pieces. I think that for me, the best piece in the exhibit was RL Washington's Just Having Church. My friend and I spent some time looking at this piece and coming up with several narratives to reflect the characters. There is quite a bit more, so stay-tuned. I'll be uploading pictures and info about the other shows and happenings later.

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