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Monday, October 23, 2006

Frank Benson

I had to go to the Oregonian to see if there were more details about the story behind this donated artwork. This piece went for $165,002.00 at auction. It was donated to Goodwill industries by an anonymous donor. From the Oregonian article...

Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette hit the jackpot Thursday when
what was originally thought to be cheap yard-sale art turned out to be the work
of an American master.

You can view the whole article here.

I doubt that the donor will ever come forward and I'll bet they're kicking themsleves on passing up the opportunity to make a quick buck. But doesn't this seem just a little ridiculous? I mean, the work is described as being "cheap yard sale art" and it ended up being the work of an artist whose paintings are in major musem collections.

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