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Sunday, October 15, 2006

As I was unpacking boxes in my studio, I ran across a box of small paintings that I had done a few years ago. Though I had documented the piece, I never showed it anywhere. I just never felt like it was strong enough. Also, my motives for doing the piece was to utilize a lot of scrap canvas that I had lying around the studio. Each of the canvases that make up this piece measure 9" square.

Two of the canvases have found homes with friends who stopped by to see the new space. The remaining thirteen canvases have become fodder for play. I wanted to try some stuff with underpaiting and applying gold leaf. I didn't sand the paintings down: none of them had been varnished. I just started painting over them.

This panel was the last painting in the top row. You can still see the feather vanes from the original painting.
This panel was the middle of the second row
This panel was the first in the second row

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