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Monday, October 09, 2006

Saatchi's Your Gallery

The first time that I heard about Your Gallery was on Broadsheet, when that broad told the world that she had gotten an email invitation to upload images into an online portfolio on a site sponsored by Charles Saatchi. She was ever so excited when she got a reply from "Saatchina" and as far as I know she went ahead and posted. But since that broad does not ever reveal her name i can't verify this.

I had a couple reactions: how come I didn't get an invitation? Is being invited any different than just signing up? Anyway, you get the picture. Well, guess what was in my email this morning? My invitation to upload images to Your Gallery. And what did I do? Why, what any red-blooded blogger will do: I ran a search to see if anybody was blogging about it.

Lots of people have taken up the offer, for lots of different reasons. Some people are rather happy about it:
unfamous artist

One made a special announcement:
BEATRICE CLOAKE Fine art artist

Some list it as one of many accolades:
Hand Painted Art by Brandi Liebmann
Paul Cooklin

Some were sceptical:
Daniel Castillo
Musings of a mobile marketer

one announced it for a client:

Ahem, a word from a Stuckist:
jody franklin

There were tons of pages, but this assortment were the ones that actually referenced an invitaion. Most of the references were from artists providing a link to their image gallery.

So, does anybody have any thoughts on Your Gallery or other portfolio sites?

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