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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Vernacular installation art

... or maybe something else? It is deliberate, care has been taken in attaching these objects to the telephone pole. There were more items, attached all the way around this telephone pole on a back alley in Lawrenceville. Some looked like they had been there for a while.

Is it art if you don't intend something to be art? If this is art, is it too personal for interpretation? The smiley face, though easily found in manufactured form, is a made object. It has a feather stuck behind it. I suppose someone could make the case that this is a statement that revolves around native american issues, but I think you would be way off base.

What if this is a journal of sorts? The owner of the house makes a habit of picking up random bits and pieces during his excusions into the city. The bits and pieces are assigned a spot on the telephone pole that relates to the other items in some fanciful and impulsive way. Maybe when he comes home from work, he stops and roots through his pockets, finds that bit and looks for the right place for it on the telephone pole before he goes in to his wife and children.

That could be it.

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